Touchwindow: the interactive experience specialists.


Touchwindow provides dedicated counseling to create paths and interactive experiences. Our team of experts supports the client in the development of the entire project from concept creation, communication, design to technical implementation.


The products and software developed are intended for several fields, including public sector, tourism, museums, the private sectors such as telecommunications, broadcasting, retail, banking, etc...


The development department and various partnerships with research centers provide technologically advanced products and solutions. The new solutions are studied and optimized to offer the best technology performance and design.


Touchwindow turns ideas into real projects. Our experience in hardware design and software development, allow us to offer endless technical possibilities and implementations. Touchwindow team of experts is constantly up to date with the latest technologies to ensure a careful and targeted counseling.


At Touchwindow, we compile software and create contents to provide comprehensive and customized solutions for our customers. Our programmers develop Multi-Touch applications that are completely customizable by users, but also custom software created to satisfy specific needs.

Installation and Support

Touchwindow offers a complete service to make sure your goals are achieved. The team of engineers and installers will assist you in every step: consulting, design, engineering, installation and support.


Museum and Exhibition
Retail and Shopping Mail
Real Estate
Tv Studios
Fair and Conferences

Touchwindow Diagram

Touchwindow solutions allow you to create unique projects of interactive communication, multi-sensory pathways and digital systems for the promotion of products and services to customer.

Touchwindow focus all its resources to create innovative products, develop unique solutions for interactive communication, design system for dynamic and involving sensory experiences.