TOUCHWINDOW - Edge Full Glass Table

Edge Full Glass TableThe state of the art. A multi-touch surface fully made of glass. 

TOUCHWINDOW - Edge Full Glass Table
TOUCHWINDOW - Edge Full Glass Table
TOUCHWINDOW - Edge Full Glass Table

Aesthetics, design and power

Touchwindow makes the only multi-touch and multi-user table that allows several people to interact and share multimedia content at the same time. A smooth glass surface combined with new materials for an interactive system with a unique design. Simple, clean-cut lines, stunning features, and technological performance make it perfect for any environment and requirement.

TOUCHWINDOW - Edge Full Glass Table

High-definition multi-touch display

The Edge Full Glass Table uses professional Full HD LED displays, which reduce power consumption and ensure excellent colour range, high contrast and luminosity. The integrated systems allow for operation 24/7, with automatic temperature control and self-diagnostics.
Enjoy the bright graphics and extraordinary quality of the multi-touch content.

TOUCHWINDOW - Edge Full Glass Table

Designed for multiple users

The Edge Full Glass Table is designed to be used by multiple users at the same time. The Touchviewer software allows you to create and manage your multimedia content, structuring exciting presentations and interactions for your users. Its new design allows freedom of movement while interacting with content, thereby ensuring a unique user experience.

TOUCHWINDOW - Edge Full Glass Table
TOUCHWINDOW - Edge Full Glass Table

Latest generation of processors, power and high performance

Touchwindow devices maximize the power of the latest Intel 3rd-generation i5 and i7 processors. Ultra-efficient architecture require less energy while still providing high performance.

Processori di ultima generazione

Get Connected

All Touchwindow systems are equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI and Audio inputs/outputs. RFID, barcode reader or NFC are also available upon request.

Get Connected

Windows 10. The latest OS with no limits

windows 10

Touchwindow Multi-Touch solutions are Windows 10 64-bit and TUIO compatible. This gives you access to thousands of Multi-Touch applications available online.

If required, our Multi-Touch systems are also available with MAC OSX, Linux or Android.

Installation and Configuration

Touchwindow systems are fully integrated solutions, easy and quick to setup up and put into operation. Our products are designed for an fast and simple assembly, that is why they are shipped partially assembled to make sure everyone (even to non-experts) can start using them right away.

TOUCHWINDOW - Edge Full Glass Table

Multi-Touch Software: Simply Revolutionary

Touchviewer logo

If you are looking for a surprisingly simple and highly engaging interactive software application, we can help out! Try it Touchviewer: the ideal interactive software to manage your contents, the perfect application to create a real Multi-Touch experience for all your customers. In shopping malls, museums, stores or exhibitions.
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Touchwindow Garanzia e Supporto

Full Warranty and Support.

Touchwindow offers a standard 24 months warranty with possibility of extension. In order to offer high product reliability, the technologies and components used must fulfull the highest quality standards on the market.

Touchwindow also provides technical support by phone, via remote connection and e-mail.

> Technical support from experts technicians
> Additional options for hardware support and maintenance
> Software support included

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