Liceo Scientifico
Liceo Scientifico "Leonardo Da Vinci" Terracina
Having fun learning at school
A multimedia space where students can study are deepen theirs studies, read, get more information...

High School "Leonardo Da Vinci" of Terracina Having fun learning at school.

The Project for Students (Hall "3R" was developed for Teachers only) was intended to satisfy a well known need: that is   "Having fun learning at school."

Since 2005, the Institute undertook this path by collaborating with Local authorities and Public Bodies to make the school environment enjoyable for the whole school community, students, faculty, staff and ATA Parents. This was achieved also by opening several important environments to support educational activities and processes of teaching and learning, which became more effective and involving in an atmosphere of cooperation between the various actors of the Public Education service.

The site is located on the ground floor, in an area of ??40 square meters just in front of the Library, furnished with particular care.

A Wi-Fi Internet connection is available in the entire area, furnished with tables and computers. Newspapers are also available and visitors can also review the press - About us - regarding the Institute info and news from 2008 to today. A wide   Touch-Screen  was installed to read newspapers through a software that allows the user to interact with a graphical interface using their fingers.

A 50-inch monitor displays newspapers and / or any other media such as movies, pictures, etc. ...

"Inthis environment - says Principal Carmelo Palella - students can spend time between the morning and the afternoon activities by studying, go into a topic in more depth, or just wait for the opening of the library for further study activities."

Parents use this area as a waiting room or to meet teachers.

Having fun learning at school