Immersive SystemsLarge seamless projections and immersive visualization systems to surround the viewer and involve extraordinary visual experiences.

Immersive environments for involving experiences

Touchwindow designs and implements solutions with large seamless immersive multi-projection. Walls and the environments or self-supporting structures become architectural scenes where to simulate and visualize virtual environments. The visitor becomes part of the virtual reality to "live inside" the scenery and enjoy spectacular views by participating in an interactive, innovative and comprehensive way.


Ultra HD resolutions and innovative technologies to achieve unique and spectacular effects

Surfaces of projections, architecture and complex geometries, curved and irregular walls become immersive setting where images, sounds and video surround the viewer in a unique and engaging story. At Touchwindow, we implement innovative technologies and ad-hoc developed tools, which allow you to project media on any type of surface. Communicate using the architectural geometry and take advantage of complex systems of multi-projection for outstanding results. Perspective is carefully developed and simulated using dedicated softwares to achieve the optimal projection. An innovative calibration system creates a single image using multiple projectors to achieve unique and spectacular projections.


Scenarios and settings will introduce visitors to new discoveries

Immersive Systems are technological solutions integrated with the architecture and the layout of Museums, Exhibitions and Expositions for new and exciting User Experience. Becoming unique spaces of virtual reality, they create an experience of full involvement for the visitors. Immersive Systems are engaging environments where users participate with interactive innovative and comprehensive virtual events. Through interaction with the natural environment, all senses are stimulated for a full immersion in the virtual reality of the Museum. Emotions are amplifed and memories of this experience will be never forgotten by visitors.

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