Solutions for librariesTouchwindow multimedia technology enhances the value of the cultural capital of libraries, making it available to everyone. Even the most precious and perishable items.

“The good of a book lies in its being read”, as the protagonist of “The name of the rose” would say. Touchwindow solutions apply this through their technology, making the cultural capital of libraries immediately available. Even the most precious and perishable items. The multimedia technology of our multi-touch interactive systems allow hundreds of users – researchers, bibliophiles, and enthusiasts - to access ancient codes, precious manuscripts, incunabula, bibliographies, photographic archives, book collections and monographs on personalities or authors.

TOUCHWINDOW - Solutions for libraries

Interactive tables and digital technology allow you to consult this precious heritage with one simple touch.

The finest details of ancient manuscripts are now a heritage that anyone can view through high-definition digital images. With a simple touch on the interactive table, miniatures show their rich décors, photographs reveal their details, and illustrations unveil traces and drapery invisible to the naked eye. All this protecting the integrity of the original copies.

TOUCHWINDOW - Solutions for libraries

The interactive software expands research and knowledge, enriches consultation, and enhances the user experience.

The interactive software broadens the investigation, discovery and enjoyment options. Touchwindow solutions combine the object being consulted with texts, images, and bibliographic references. Where appropriate, they also enrich consultation with multimedia inserts. All this enhances the user experience for both individuals and groups, meeting the need for education, information and even entertainment.

TOUCHWINDOW - Solutions for libraries

The importance of sharing. Touchwindow helps disseminate the cultural heritage.

If “the good of a book lies in its being read”, its contemporary value lies in its being shared. The Touchwindow solutions expand the possible relations not only between documents and users, but also between the latter and their networks and relationships. Our software and technologies allow for the collective enjoyment of documents, which can be shared among users, and even facilitate printing processes. Moreover, you can download texts, images, and videos to your mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. What will be the next step in knowledge sharing?

TOUCHWINDOW - Solutions for libraries
TOUCHWINDOW - Solutions for libraries
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