TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Overlay Multi-TouchTransform a standard monitor into a powerful Multi-Touch display.

Simple, fast and reliable. Absolutely Multi-Touch

Interactive Overlay frames, fixed to the display border, can turn a a standard LCD / LED monitor into a true Multi-Touch device.
Multi-Touch Overlays are incredibly thin to perfectly fit in any integration. It is a plug-and play solution perfect for both developers and end users.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Wide range of sizes and versions for every need. From Desktop to Video Wall

Multi-Touch Overlays are available in different versions and sizes to meet every need of assembly and integration.

You can choose between Dual Touch versions (2 simultaneous touch points), Basic (6 simultaneous touch points), Standard (12 simultaneous touch points) and Plus (32 simultaneous touch points). Thanks to a wide range of standard size (32 " to 103") and the custom size production for non-standard formats and video wall up to 500", any interactive projects can came true.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

The world's thinnest infrared touchscreen

The Multi-Touch Overlay is the world's slimmest interactive frame. The reduced frame size and the ultra-thin thickness, with only 4.6 mm between touch and the glass surface, makes it the best solution to integrate the overlay on existing monitors.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch


The glass top of the table is chemically strengthened for greater user safety. In addition, the Ultra -Smooth treatment makes the glass 2 times smoother than the new iPad and 12 times smoother than conventional touchscreen devices.

ultra-smooth glass

Colore, contrasto e scorrevolezza.

Object recognition and Palm Rejection

The IR LED CELL recognizes the size and shape of objects in order to assign specific functions to the objects mapped. This is also useful to avoid interference with the palm of the hand (palm rejection).

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Control device with improved sensitivity

The Overlay Multi-Touch sensor area of the last generation has been improved and made larger. This allows to capture a greater number of signals with less noise and to have better performance with a lower consumption of energy.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

USB powered

Multi-Touch Overlay up to 46 " can be powered using the USB connection. This ensures a greater flexibility in design and simple installation. The technologies used in the construction and electronic components reduce power consumption while increasing performance.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Water resistant

The overaly Multi-Touch is waterproof. The protection class is IP64 which guarantees the impermeability against accidental falling of splashing water. For further protection, request Class IP66 waterproof which protects against powerful jets of liquids.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch
TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

The Best Large-Format Touch Screen You Can Buy.

Con la Serie G5 la tecnologia IR Led Cell degli Overlay Multi-Touch si è spinta molto avanti. A tutte le caratteristiche della Serie G4 si aggiungono importanti novità che ti consentiranno integrazioni migliori e professionali. Scoprile subito.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch
Colore, contrasto e scorrevolezza.

Detects 1.5mm Pen Tip

The G5 is advancing large format touch screen accuracy to a new level. With the development of the G5 4K technology, the G5 is now able to handle more precise applications like never before. Say goodbye to thick capacitive touch pen and using your familiar pen or pencil again.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Pen + Touch + Eraser.

Use your finger for canvas manipulation and multi-touch.
Use your pen for creating content & taking notes.
Use eraser to modify content.
Works for OneNote, PowerPoint, Photoshop, MS-Paint...

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Active & Passive Stylus

Any stylus can be used as a passive pen. The Active Stylus pen (with built-in battery) is pressure sensitive providing an enhanced drawing and writing experience similar to standard pen and paper.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Print to Interactive Touch Wall / Display

Print email attachments / pictures / web pages from your Phone or Tablet onto a BIG screen for interactive presentation. No need to install software or driver on the portable device. Guests can simply come in, print and share their ideas on the BIG screen instantly. The G5 Touch Screen acts as a normal Wireless Printer to print anything that can be printed (e.g. PPT, PDF, Word, Excel, notes, pictures, maps).

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Outdoor Full-Angle Anti-Sunlight

All day, Strongest sunlight (150,000 lux ≈ 13,900 foot-candle) Display facing any orientations: East, West, North, South, etc.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

HID Support & USB Powered

No need to install driver. Plug & Play. Energy Efficient without sacrificing performance.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

250 FPS, Lightning Speed

Touch screens with a higher refresh rate provides a faster response to your movements. Furthermore, it detects even the slightest actions, offering more accurate data positioning with very little latency giving the G5 Touch Screens the capability to draw very smooth & accurate curves.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Plug&Play strong and safe

The Multi-Touch frames are Plug&Play and extremely easy to use and reliable. The assembly operations are quick and fast thanks to the efficient and robust connectors that provide over 2,000 assemblies.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Multi-Touch Air Screen: una nuova Business Collaboration

The Multi-Touch frames support wireless technology. All the touch device and dispaly features can be controlled wirelessly using multiple computers and/or touchscreen without connections and cables between devices.

TOUCHWINDOW - Overlay Multi-Touch

Con Air Screen puoi visualizzare documenti, scambiare materiale, presentare contenuti e condividere uno schermo Multi-Touch, connesso ad I-Stick, con 32 utenti contemporaneamente.
Durante una riunione un utente può lanciare una presentazione interattiva dal suo pc allo schermo principale Multi-Touch in modalità wireless, può muovere, spostare e zoomare le immagini e le presentazioni per condividerle con il resto dei partecipanti. Multi-Touch e Air Screen sono la soluzione ideale ed innovativa per presentazioni emozionanti e per riunioni collaborative e coinvolgenti.

Colore, contrasto e scorrevolezza.

Multi-Touch Software: Simply Revolutionary

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If you are looking for a surprisingly simple and highly engaging interactive software application, we can help out! Try it Touchviewer: the ideal interactive software to manage your contents, the perfect application to create a real Multi-Touch experience for all your customers. In shopping malls, museums, stores or exhibitions.
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