Our 6 steps with you

Touchwindow method Immaginiamo

We imagine

We actively collaborate with your team to identify strategic objectives and define the general points of the project.

Touchwindow method Creiamo

We create

We create your project and shape your idea, translating it into a unique experience for your users.

Touchwindow method Progettiamo

We design

We plan, analyze and refine your project. We design infrastructures, integrate systems and devise content to arrive the point of precisely defining a production plan.

Touchwindow method Produciamo

We produce

We build devices, we integrate technologies and media, and we optimize content: each component of the solution is tailor-made for you. When we are sure that everything works we proceed with installation.

Touchwindow method Attiviamo

We activate

The project comes to life: the screens come on and the functions are activated. You control it all: with a simple touch you begin an engaging and fulfilling experience.

Touchwindow method Gestiamo

We manage

Our work continues with service, maintenance, and application updates, but we also bring you ideas for exciting new projects.

A new way to work. With you as our focus

For us every project is an opportunity to get to know our customers better, to interpret their needs and their wishes and to translate them into customized solutions. That's why we work with you, even before we work for you.

We are specialists, but with a wider view

We know not only how to resolve all of the issues of your project, but we also understand its objectives, how to adapt it to your needs, how to make it part of your company, what content to give it, and how to communicate it outside of your company... The focus of what we do is you, your project, and your expectations.

An exciting journey, from idea to experience

We are creators of digital environments, places to learn, work, have fun, and collaborate. These are complex projects that require in-depth technical skills that must always be up-to-date, as well as a strategic vision and collaboration.


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