Talk to citizens

Offer advanced digital environments with which to bring citizens closer, open new spaces to interact with them, and provide innovative services.



    Management and governance of innovation within the PA.



    Creation of services and platforms for active digital citizenship.



    Introduction of interoperability and unification of databases (once only principle) .



    Creation of cloud-based IT infrastructure.



    Implementation of IT security systems.



    Implementation of processes and protocols for managing public data.



    Monitoring of new technologies.

Digital Environment Creators

We are creators of advanced digital environments, able to support the PA in the design and implementation of solutions that are not limited to simply informing citizens, but attracting them, involving them, stimulating them to participate, and putting them at center stage when it comes to each service. The end result is the Public Administration becomes more efficient, more flexible and above all closer to the real needs of citizens.

Adopt new tools

We offer advice and technology to help you achieve the strategic goals of modernizing the PA. The Touchwindow solutions are the tools that are studied together with you and allow you to acquire useful data to monitor costs and measure quality and results. We offer you a high level of service customization, thanks to an agile working method that allows us to optimize the project based on our results in progress.

Trust the experts

25 years of experience and a high level of specialization in system integration make us the ideal partner for the development of Digital Transformation solutions for the Public Administration, because we are able to combine a strategic approach to services for the population, putting people at the center of every project.

  • Touchwindow Public-sector
  • Touchwindow Public-sector

Digital Transformation for the PA

The public sector, like the private sector, is going through a profound change and transition towards widespread digitization. Faced with Italians who are increasingly dedicated to the use of mobile phones, which number around 50 million units, and the World Wide Web, with almost 45 million users, Public Administrations on a global scale need to be digitized.

Evolution guidelines

The challenges of innovation are numerous and demanding. The first is adopting a common strategy that can identify milestones, methodologies, and skills, and adapt to the progress achieved through a flexible layout. Also we have data security, online purchasing, employee training ... there is such a variety of issues to address, but they have one thing in common: the focus on each citizen and his or her participation in public life.

Active digital citizenship

We need tools for interaction that encourage the creation of new services that are more effective and that foster participation. Today communication goes through digital devices like smartphones and tablets, so the challenge is to prolong the virtual experience in the physical world through technology. Digital environments, which integrate audio-video systems, devices, applications and content, foster greater engagement and are therefore more effective in establishing a two-way communication channel between the citizen and the Public Administration.

  • Touchwindow Public-sector
  • Touchwindow Public-sector
  • Touchwindow Public-sector
  • Touchwindow Public-sector
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