Crestron AV-over-IP Preferred Partner

We’re now a recognized partner of Crestron: expert consultants in the design of AV-over-IP solutions through DM NVX.

AV-over-IP technologies and infrastructures for every type of environment

Within corporate meeting rooms, hotels and airports, users are increasingly demanding AV technologies and services that are as simple and easy to use as their smartphones. Customers want to have systems that are flexible, manageable, scalable, and easy to implement. They want to feel at ease with the technologies and the environment that hosts them, both of which have an impact on the users’ perception of quality, comfort and final satisfaction. By transmitting the signals over the LAN network, DM NVX technology allows for the complete integration of the company’s systems within an IT environment that guarantees speed, flexibility, and absolute quality.

The future of AV integration is NVX

Our skills allow us to design solutions and implement technologies like Crestron's DM NVX, which allow for the optimal distribution of all the AV signals via LAN. The DM NVX family of components thus allows for the transmission of Audio, Video, USB and Control signals over Gigabit Ethernet in a secure and protected manner, using authentication protocols and encrypting all the processed data. The replacement of the old traditional infrastructures and the convergence of the AV signals on the existing network simplify the installation process, reduce costs, help ensure flexibility and future scalability, and keep operating and integration costs low. Since the NVX devices are extremely small, they can be easily installed behind a professional display like an HDbaseT extender. The systems can be powered via a traditional power supply or POE (UPOE standard compatible).

Any network. Any type of content

Companies today are using more and more multimedia content, and there’s a widespread need to share files, images and videos over various devices in order to give presentations and collaborate in company meetings or training sessions. The goal of implementing AV-over-IP solutions is precisely to share the same network infrastructure via a single platform in order to allow users to share content with speed and flexibility. In fact, DM NVX provides for efficient bandwidth use, zero signal transmission latency, and exceptional AV quality.



The supported video resolutions reach up to 4096x2160@60Hz (DCI 4K60), with 4:4:4 color sampling, and HDR10 color depth. The video scaler is built in, and, in addition to the streaming rate, it’s even possible to manage the physical inputs and outputs.


There’s a wide selection of available audio functions, from two stereo channels to HBR 7.1, and even the management of two Dante channels. The audio can be extracted or input into the video stream, depending on the requirements.


NVX technology supports USB 2.0 signals, extending and handling them via the network. It also supports KVM functions, which can be expanded and controlled using other Crestron products.


All NVX devices are processor controlled via the Ethernet network, and are even equipped with RS232 and IR ports in order to allow these communication ports to be used as extensions of the Crestron processors.

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