The screen for a big show

Enhance your space with large video walls where you can offer your services, tell your story or simply amaze your audience.

  • Touchwindow video-wall
  • Touchwindow video-wall
  • Touchwindow video-wall

The excitement gets bigger

A Video Wall is the combination of Landscape or Portrait displays, capable of covering indoor surfaces that can be quite large. The ultra-thin frames of the displays ensure optimal visibility, to create experiences that captivate and excite your visitors. That's why Video Walls are suitable for stations, shopping centers, airports, showrooms, reception areas and indoor events.

Choose versatility

We design and install the Video Wall that is right for you and for your space. The hooking system with ultra slim rear brackets allows us to reduce the space it takes up, while the support structure, resistant and modular, lets you make quick inspections of the components.

Keep up the quality

The Wall Controller is the system that allows the Video Wall to optimally manage the image. Basically it makes sure every display that makes up the Wall works at maximum resolution, without signal compression. So, regardless of the size of the Video Wall, you will always have high-definition images that are faithful to the original quality.

Hi-Tech performance

The Video Wall is equipped with automatic systems that control operating temperature and for self-diagnostics of the functions, guaranteeing optimal operation and lower energy consumption.

Seize all the potential

Take advantage of all the possibilities of Video Wall by implementing our dedicated applications. You can transform your digital device into a powerful tool to attract and entertain your audience.

Trust the professionals

We can work with you on the design and development of the device that satisfies your requirements, creating tailor-made solutions. We are able to offer customised assistance and maintenance programs upon request.

The perfect match


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