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Touchwindow Displays are integrated solutions that combine high-definition displays with a powerful Multi-Touch system to create a unique and high-performance product.

  • Touchwindow display
  • Touchwindow display

Try superior performance

Touchwindow Displays are Multi-Touch screens that provide vivid, bright and detailed images. The interactive surface is sensitive, precise and has rapid response times, giving users an always pleasant and engaging experience.

different Touch technologies

different Touch technologies

touch displays are available with capacitive and infrared technology to adapt to any specific installation requirement.

 points of attraction

points of attraction

touch displays are the ideal solution to create points of attraction and interaction in museums, stores, showrooms and restaurants.

Many available sizes for ad-hoc solutions

Many available sizes for ad-hoc solutions

available from size 32“ to 86” in order to choose the optimal solution depending on your location.

Transform your spaces

Choose the Touchwindow Display best suited to the characteristics of your location: you can choose different sized screens in Landscape or Portrait mode. They are ideal when creating points of attraction and interaction in museums, points of sale, control rooms, showrooms and reception areas, schools, restaurants and in any reception area, whether public or private.

Seize all the potential

Take advantage of the possibilities of Display by implementing our applications that create experiences, entertain and communicate. You can transform your digital device into a powerful tool to attract your audience, to get to know them better and to offer innovative services.

Trust the professionals

We can work with you on the design and development of the device that satisfies your requirements, creating tailor-made solutions. We are able to offer customized assistance and maintenance programs upon request.

Use AR to see Touch Display in your enviroment
Open this page on your iPhone or iPad to view Touch Display in AR.

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