Interactive Survey: A new way to get to know your users

Check out Interactive Survey, our software that gathers information, opinions and data from your users in an innovative way.

We stimulate participation

Interactive Survey is the application that collects feedback from your customers. It lets you utilize the full potential of your Digital Environment, whether it is in a shopping mall, an airport, a hospitals or a large corporate building. With Interactive Survey you can easily and naturally engage your users, customers or collaborators, stimulating them to express opinions, or give feedback or suggestions.

  • Touchwindow Survey
  • Touchwindow Survey
  • Touchwindow Survey


We can engage your target market with surveys on products and/or services, invite them to give a review and assign a rating, collect their suggestions or experiences with your brand, and keep track of preferences or habits.

We improve your performance

We transform all the data collected by the Interactive Survey into graphs and diagrams that are easy to read, compare and contrast and interpret, so that you can have useful information that helps you improve your product or service.

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