Comfort and innovation in the working-spaces


Meeting rooms,  team building, and training environments with high technological value with digitized Auditorium and Meeting Room

Dorelan, the leading company in the production of mattresses, beds, bed bases, pillows, and furnishing accessories, has chosen Touchwindow to digitize the Auditorium and Meeting Rooms of its headquarters with Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions to be integrated with existing technologies, in order to create a Digital Workspace with high engagement potential.


Comfort at the heart: from mattresses to workspaces

Dorelan bases its production on the concept of comfort as a natural source of well-being. To give even more value to its vision, the company has decided to innovate the workspaces with the aim of making them comfortable and efficient environments, in which to conceive technology as an ally and as a facilitator of teamwork, and not as an obstacle. In fact, the customer wanted to overcome the unknown possibilities due to any technical unforeseen events which could have jeopardized meetings and work sessions with the need for an IT Service available even for the simplest operations.


An omnichannel architecture between UCC and advanced home automation solutions

The project for the technological setting up of the Dorelan workspaces is based on an AV architecture omnichannel in which all hardware, audio, and video devices are integrated and interconnected.

Omnichannel makes the user the user experience center: thanks to Control & Automation Triatic software, Dorelan team members can use, manage and control the Digital Workspace easily and quickly, through a tablet and a User Friendly interface.


Performance and design: details make a difference

The technological setting started from the Auditorium, in which we installed a 3x3 Video Wall of over 3x2 mt, for a total of 165". The integration of the main display system with the existing wall was preceded by a detailed final design activity, which allowed intervention in the architectural scenes creating a unique between wall and Video Wall obtaining the best aesthetic result.

Our video technicians also intervened on the existing projection system, which we equipped with a retractable motorized screen to make it a useful backup of the Video Wall.

All the activities carried out in the Auditorium are managed, optimized, and guaranteed by the Control & Automation Triatic software, installed on iPads, and customized in terms of graphic layout, use scenarios, and operating logic, for the customer's specific needs. These activities can swing from meetings to conferences with remote participants, from the management of video streams to the audio ones, from the sharing of documents to real-time content customization.

Following Dorelan’s wishes, the Meeting Rooms have been transformed into true technologically advanced Digital Workspaces, which now allow to collaborate in person and remotely in a fast and intuitive way. To the existing technologies, we have integrated all-in-one video conferencing devices complete with shooting systems, microphones, and Touch Panels for the complete management of each room. The AV architecture of the meeting rooms is completed by the 65" display on a mobile trolley, to ease movement within the environment.

In the initial phase of study and analysis of the customer needs, we realized that a team as large as Dorelan would need a reservation system of meeting rooms to organize as best as possible the activities of each individual professional. For this reason, we have implemented a room booking system within the technological infrastructure of the building. This allows, with a few taps on the shared digital calendar, to reserve time slots for each of the meeting rooms on site. To complete the system, outside each meeting room we installed a 6" touch panel that shows the list of reservations for the specific room and upcoming events.

The technological set-up at the Dorelan headquarters also included the design and construction of new rack cabinets to serve the areas involved in the project. The IT and networking engineering team initially developed the Digital Workspace routing scheme and then set up and uniquely labeled all cables and accessories inside the data rack for immediate identification even later on.


Mission accomplished

In the phases prior to the systems start-up, our team carried out training sessions with the customer through the use of specific manuals and practical tests in order to use the technologies.

Currently, Dorelan's staff can organize presentations and meetings in person and remotely in a few simple steps, avoiding any technical unforeseen thanks to the architecture's setup and the high quality of the technologies found in the Auditorium and Meeting Rooms.

The collaboration with this company has given life to cutting-edge working environments, where technological innovation, performance, and comfort blend harmoniously, just like a perfect Dorelan mattress.

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