Nexuslib / House of Wisdom

Nexuslib / House of Wisdom

The library becoming interactive

House of Wisdom, the new library built in Sharjah, Emirate’s cultural center, becomes even more attractive thanks to a multimedia room equipped with a completely interactive wall. This digital environment is composed by a 117” touch wall and Touchviewer software and offers an immersive approach to knowledge, allowing the users to learn and study in a revolutionary way.

The touch wall can be used by several people at the same time and gives them the opportunity to explore a potentially infinite amount of contents, saving their favorite ones in a carpet or sending them by email.

Wireless BYOD technology allows the users to wirelessly share the contents of their own devices (tablets, smart phones, laptops) on the touch wall without the need to install any kind of app. This digital environment completes House of Wisdom’s cultural offer, combining the irreplaceable value of books with a unique high-tech experience.

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