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We create showrooms and corporate museums where you can tell your story in a new and exciting way.



    Technology is a tool: put it at the center of a strategic project that enhances your products.



    Combine physical and digital products and content to increase your customers' involvement.



    Build a world around the product, tell the story, make the emotions live.



    Create experiences that connect your customers with each other, sharing spaces and sensations.



    Open a dialogue, get to know your customers to better satisfy their desires and expectations.

Build your exhibition itinerary

We can support you in the design and implementation of a digital environment that encompasses objects, documents, movies, and projections that can breathe life into your story, expand it and make it interesting. Through new interactive technologies we can guide visitors on a tour where every detail, both physical and digital, is part of your brand experience.

Expand the value of your creations

The integration between real and digital allows us to create engaging experiences that increase the value of what you are exhibiting, telling the story, the production methods, the connection to society, and the human aspects. In doing so we promote greater involvement in the products, services and history of your company.

Strengthen you branding

Our Showroom solutions offer interactive discovery itineraries, which stimulate participation and interaction with visitors. Digital engagement becomes a competitive advantage because it promotes brand awareness and brand fidelity.

Enhance the experience

We can support you in the design of the exhibition itinerary, creating multimedia content for you that perfectly integrates with your space, transforming it into a memorable experience.

Trust the experts

The 25 years of experience and specialization that we have gained the field allow us to be a unique partner as we simplify processes and reduce complexity. Our work organization is agile and flexible, offering you secure and scalable solutions.

A new-generation Showroom

Digital Transformation has also revolutionized the traditional showroom. It has evolved from a simple exhibition space to a system that is a mixture of physical/digital, in which the visitor's sensory and emotional experience is the focal point. Through digital devices, such as large displays or projection systems, the identity of the exhibited product is expanded upon as it is brought to life and given a voice. Through visitor interaction, via their smartphones for example, feedback is acquired and the possibilities of offering new services are multiplied.

  • Touchwindow Meeting-room
  • Touchwindow Meeting-room
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