The importance of corporate training

Our technical staff has just successfully completed LG's SuperSign platform training course

Our technical staff has just successfully completed LG's SuperSign platform training course.

The considerable interest shown by all attendees is due to the importance of constant updating, especially in technology sector which is constantly evolving, by its very nature.

This type of technical course is essential for all the companies like Touchwindow, which deal with digital installations, in order to conceive projects and provide high-level services that can fully satisfy end customers.


What is LG's SuperSign CMS?

SuperSign CMS is a network-based software platform for the complete management of a monitors’ network. It provides support for content’s creation, scheduling and distribution, as well as clients’ remote control.

The software is accessible to multiple users, even located in different places (as long as they are included in a public network) and it is able to spread different types of content: web pages, RSS Feeds, streaming, texts, shared folders, etc.

It is also possible to plan and program the reproduction of contents, according to a calendar and to time slots: files, videos, play lists, etc. are distributed to the monitors, with the possibility of assigning an infinite repetition cycle.

Thanks to a control panel it is also possible to check the operating status of the monitors and perform commands or settings that can be otherwise executed only with remote control.

It is also possible to create Video Wall configurations composed by multiple monitors and to share content for synchronized reproduction between all the elements.

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