A Multimedia Environment at Salone del Mobile in Milan


Pianca&Partners. Focus on the Project 

At this eagerly awaited edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan, we had the pleasure of curating the multimedia set-up of the exhibition stand of Pianca, a world contractor active in the furnishing and construction sector. The Company, through a network of professionals, iconic brands and skilled artisans, has been able to develop a flexible and dynamic offer, promoting the Made in Italy value, as well as enhancing the concepts of quality, tradition, research and sustainability. 

For highlighting its presence at the trade fair, Pianca asked us to move on two distinct tracks but with a common purpose: to convey the centrality of Projects with respect to the network of relationships between professionals and companies, in which Pianca represents the facilitator and trait d'union, interpreting the new needs of design and construction.

On the one hand, we were asked to create a gateway to the world of Partners through the use of multimedia devices and software applications for interactivity.

On the other, to create a configurator software with a simple and intuitive User Experience, capable of transforming ideas and concepts into real project documents to be shared with Customers.


Interactive design solutions to discover the Pianca&Partners’ world

Pianca’s booth is a real hub of excellent furniture products, enhancing design through interactive solutions.

Coherently with the minimalist and refined image of the exhibition spaces, we have chosen technological solutions that perfeclty match with Pianca’s brand image and also integrate with the environments in a silent but impressive manner.

Two large-format Multi Touch Displays equipped with Touchviewer software, our application for visualising and interacting with multimedia content, were integrated into the design of the vertical stand.

Through the creation of an articulated database, all catalogues, product datasheets, and creations can be quickly and easily consulted from wall-mounted workstations.

The interactive set-up is complemented by four customised tables with simple, clean lines, inside which we have integrated our own interactive large-format displays, creating a combination between the structures designed by the customer and the system integration entrusted to our team of technicians. 

The interactive tables are used by designers, architects and technicians of Pianca and by its partners as real work surfaces in which to design and create unique and exclusive environments that take shape under the customer's gaze.

All interactive workstations, both horizontal and vertical, feature ultra-smooth surfaces for maximum touch interaction area and extremely fast response times.

Moodbard Creator: a digital board for creating Projects 

In order toenable the professionals at Pianca&Partners to elaborate a project in real time, our teams of developers and digital designers have developed the “Moodboard Creator” software, a completely cloud-based Web App through which you can create your own fully customised furniture design.

Moodboard Creator enables to select furniture elements and products from the digital catalogues of different brands, and to choose fabrics, colour palettes and finishes. The items are inserted, in real-time, into a virtual space, bringing to life the customised environment that, until that moment, was only an abstract concept. 

By means of simple gestures, it is possible to directly interact on the surface of the interactive table, modifying the moodboard created as desired: changing the furnishing accessory, varying the colour shade of an object, changing its finish, zooming, rotating and moving elements.

Thanks to Moodboard Creator, all professionals working at the booth can create an environment strarting from a scratch and furnish it, giving a preview of the aesthetic and functional performance of the selected furnishings as well as the combination of colours and styles.

Once the desired composition has been created, the professional can save the Project, creating a PDF document  in which, in addition to the whole Project, there is the list of selected products, detailed by colour and finish in general, which the customer can receive by e-mail by entering the address via the touchscreen keyboard on the monitor. 

In addition to havingdocument containing the project and their own personal furniture wishlist, the customer will bring home the memory of a unique interactive experience.

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