Blu Food, an immersive gastronomic experience in the center of Milan

Customer's requirement

Renovate their environments through technology

Blu Food, a modern restaurant located in the historic district of Porta Romana, in Milan, renowned for its liveliness and excellent gastronomic offer, turned to Touchwindow to innovate its spaces, with the aim of creating a digital environment in which to experience a unique and surprising atmosphere.

The customer wanted to create a real parallel dimension inside the two floors of the restaurant, capable of accompanying their guests during business meetings, relaxing lunch breaks and themed dinners, on a journey that not only involved taste but was totally immersive.


The restaurant becomes an immersive experience

After the preliminary technical inspections aimed at evaluating the available spaces, any interference with the furnishings and the effect of artificial and natural lighting on the environment, our Project Managers proposed the use of Ledwall solutions as the main installation, certain to achieve the "wow" effect desired by the customer.

An entire wall of the restaurant was covered with continuous Ledwall modules, creating a surface of strong visual impact on which high-resolution videos and images are projected, which dialogue with the furnishings present, for mutual enhancement.

The Ledwall ensures an immediate "wow" effect thanks to the brightness and definition of the images, which seem to literally come to life, capturing the attention of the observer like few other digital solutions.
Furthermore, to give guests the idea of ​​truly being in a parallel reality, two static lightboxes have been positioned in strategic areas of the restaurant, capable of creating real optical illusions capable of striking and surprising customers from their very first steps inside the venue.


The installation is there... but you can't see it!

The design phase was particularly challenging, and we used all our know-how in order to guarantee an optimal performance of the set-up, not only from a technical point of view but – a particularly relevant factor in this case – above all from an aesthetic point of view.

For the Ledwall Solution we have designed a load-bearing structure made up of extra slim brackets, combined in such a way as to support a total area of ​​over 8 square meters of Ledwall but totally invisible to the observer.

The Ledwall solution is perfectly set into the wall of the restaurant, to maximize the immersive effect of the installation.

Our Graphics & Content Creation department assisted the customer in selecting the images and videos to be projected on the Ledwall, to ensure that all the potential of the installation was maximized, through correctly parameterized and therefore bright, defined and perfectly calibrated color content.

The Lightboxes were chosen after in-depth research and testing in order to choose the models that presented the most suitable technical characteristics and formats to enrich the ground floor of the restaurant. An accurate mapping of the spaces and their lighting was essential to then decide their location, so that the Lightboxes were totally invisible to the customers' gaze and therefore able to amaze them with incredible optical effects.

The overall result obtained is an environment halfway between the physical and digital world capable of stimulating an immediate surprise effect for the diners, followed by a feeling of enveloping company during meals. An added value to the gastronomic experience offered by Blu Food.


Synergy between technique and creativity

The led wall is equipped with dimmable brightness, to be compatible with the presence of guests and is made up of modules that can be adapted to the most various installation surfaces. These characteristics make the Ledwall one of the most dynamic and versatile solutions on the market, capable of completely revolutionizing an environment quickly, without the need to act invasively on the structural parts of the spaces involved.

Thanks to the preliminary planning carried out by our Project Managers, preparatory to the strictly operational phase, the Touchwindow technicians who took care of the installation arrived on site having already planned the activity down to the smallest detail and within a day installed the load-bearing structure and state-of-the-art Ledwall modules, without the slightest impact on the rest of the room and thus guaranteeing the customer continuity of service with respect to other existing activities.

The two static Lightboxes were then installed on the ground floor, made up of aluminum profiles of different thicknesses, covered in printed fabric and backlit by LED light systems, the intensity of which can also be dimmed and adjusted with cold or warm tones , depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

The images, printed on a special canvas, have been designed to give life to astonishing visual illusions: the stairs leading to the ground floor hall seem to extend into infinity, as does the antechamber wall leading to the table area. Structures designed to the millimeter, well-calibrated lights and images created specifically for the designated spaces combine to give life to what appears to the observer as real magic.

Activation & Maintenance

Delete the line between reality and the virtual world

The easy management of digital solutions is an indispensable plus in all our projects.

Also in this case, the Customer has maximum freedom of intervention in the creation and updating of the images and videos to be projected on the Ledwall: from his PC it is possible to connect remotely to the Ledwall and easily update the content schedule to vary the offer communication based on the wishes of the client.

The Project is completed by advanced control systems that allow you to manage the remote switching on and off of the Exhibits.

Sharing and communication of objectives, constant comparison of expected results and the inevitable study of spaces and their characteristics have allowed us to integrate technological solutions that have allowed us to revolutionize restaurant environments, create ever new and adaptable atmospheres for any type of event and wow customers with immersive effects.

The gastronomic experience offered by Blu Food starts from taste and then involves all the senses, also opening the world of catering to a technological evolution that is not an end in itself but capable of enhancing our millenary culture of good food.

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