Digital Signage Dashboard: Guide people as they discover your world

Discover the software that allows you to set up, manage and update your digital signage network with maximum convenience.

A single tool for your digital network

Digital Signage Dashboard is an application that allows you to centralize the management of your digital signage system in a single software environment. Based on your network and your Digital Signage system, we design and develop the control dashboard for you.

  • Touchwindow digital-signage
  • Touchwindow digital-signage
  • Touchwindow digital-signage

We simplify operations

The dashboard lets you quickly complete the management and programming of the programming. Through a customized visual interface, it allows you to simplify all activities, from uploading content to publishing on different devices, from ad scheduling to the activation of interactive content.

We improve communication

The dashboard is customized on your network and on your Digital Signage system, so that you can have precise and timely control of the content that needs to be published. In this way you can improve communication and experience within your store, shopping center, business center or other facilities.

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