The next top Meeting Place

We transform shopping centers, making them spaces where people come together, socialize and relax.

  • KNOW


    Better knowledge of consumers' behaviors and desires through digital systems.

  • SHOW


    Physical/display of products enhances their strengths and motivates the purchase.



    Temporary shops, timed offers, pop-up restaurants allow you to vary the offer and attract the public.



    Simplifies the purchasing process, eliminating the queue at the cash register.



    Creates digital entertainment spaces, events, workshops to create a pleasant experience.



    Facilitates access and interaction with social media, turning visitors into promoters.

  • MIX


    It strengthens the intersection between offline and online sales, creating a mixed system that stimulates the purchase.



    Analyze data from digital systems to get to know your visitors and offer them better services.

A new idea for Shopping Malls

We can design and implement Digital Environments tailored to your Shopping Center that are able to start a conversation with your visitors. Through technology, great opportunities have come about that let you get to know and better understand your visitors, their habits and their consumer preferences. You can make your venue become more efficient and functional, closer to the wishes of your visitors.

Know your visitors

Get to know your visitors through interaction with digital devices, Apps, a Free Wi-Fi service or security cameras. Evaluating pedestrian flows allows you to better understand internal traffic routes and analyze the busier periods of time, optimizing services and reducing waste.

Offer new experiences

Our Shopping Mall solutions provide visitors with useful information, interaction, and entertainment as they have a omni-channel experience that expands out to a network, like, for example, social media. A shopping center becomes a place to live out an exciting and rewarding journey within a shopping experience.

Spark interest

We can create interesting content for your digital network, essential for your strategy and engaging visitors. Publishing a map or store hours is no longer sufficient and does not encourage user engagement and interaction. We need multimedia storytelling that can stimulate identification, encourage participation and sharing.

Trust the experts

We have over twenty years of experience in digital innovation, and we are highly specialized in solutions for retail and large commercial buildings. Thanks to an agile approach to every new company, today we are a reliable and authoritative partner in the the development of advanced and complex Digital Environment projects.

The evolution of the Mall

The added value of a Shopping Mall in the era of Digital Transformation is not measured in square meters or the number of shops, rather in the ability to create a bond with consumers that goes beyond the shopping experience; a deeper interaction achieved through innovative technological services. Retailtainment is the union of Meeting Places and Entertainment Destination. It is a new experience that integrates the physical and the digital world.

Ph. Palacongressi Rimini

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