The new Shopping Village concept in Turin

In collaboration with Networkpropaganda (a leading consulting company for major retailers), Touchwindow® has created several Interactive Islands (GRUkeyPoints) at Turin’s Shopville Le Gru, complete with RFID systems designed to provide customers to access to custom content, promotions and special information.

The GRUkey is a card containing an RFID sensor that allows the system to recognize the Customer as soon as they place the card near the touch screen: by doing this, points are automatically credited to the card, and the Customer’s personal screen will appear on the touch screen display’s multimedia application, where they can check the number of points they’ve accumulated, browse the Internet, and discover all the latest news relating to the GRUkey and the Le Gru shopping center.

The GRUkey isn’t just a simple loyalty card, but a unique way (one of its kind in Italy) to reward customers based on the frequency of their visits and the amounts they spend at all of the Le Gru Shopping Center’s 180 stores. With the points they collect, visitors can obtain promotional offers and exclusive services designed to make the most of their shopping experience.

Shopville Le Gru is much more than a shopping center. It’s a stylish place to spend free time, and even poses itself as an exclusive cultural and entertainment venue: a true gathering place to meet with friends and have fun. A new Shopping Village concept that, over the years, has received several major awards from both domestic (CNCC) and international (ICSC) bodies due to the numerous activities it has organized for its customers.

Through digital communication, the Le Gru Shopping Center is able to create highly customized content, in order to develop a greater affinity with its customers, generate additional sales, and promote brand awareness. The use of touch screen and RFID systems helps to improve the support provided to the consumer and strengthen one-on-one communications, in order to create real active participation on the part of the consumer.

The purchasing experience becomes engaging, and the consumers are able to communicate their ideas directly to the Company using the technological devices.

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