Culture heritage becomes an experience

Solutions to attract visitors, entertain them and inform them through digital engagement.



    New skills for the conservation, cataloging and digitization of findings.



    Enhancement of visitor services: QR code, Wi-Fi, Online Ticketing etc.



    Distribution of cultural content through websites, newsletters and social media.



    Involvement of visitors through digital and mobile interactivity.



    Measurement of visitor experience to improve the cultural offer.

A valuable Digital Environment

We design and create Digital Environments that enhance your exhibition itinerary, avvicinandolo ai visitatori. Possiamo aprire con loro un canale di dialogo attraverso smartphone e tablet, integrare online con offline per facilitare l’accesso alle opere, mettere a punto sistemi interattivi che pongono il visitatore al centro della tua offerta culturale.

Trust the experts

We have the technical skills, the experience and the strategic vision to help you create compelling exhibitions, attracting visitors and creating loyalty over time. You have the practical side of counting on a single partner that assists you in every phase, from conception to maintenance, helping you improve the performance of your business. Our agile working methodology allows us to better respond to your needs and objectives.

Renovating cultural heritage services

Digital Transformation is a change that involves industry, commerce, public as well as private services. Last but not least, it is also changing cultural conservation, Fine Arts Superintendence, and museum institutions. Actually, in Italy our rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage, which is unparalleled in the world, requires more effort in order to be fully appreciated.

Engage visitors

Data shows that only 30% of Italians attend a museum at least once a year, compared to a growth in users of online services that numbers approximately 45 million. More can be done to encourage greater participation in the arts, considering that only 20% of museums invest in digital services for use of online collections (digitized and available via the web, for example) and on site (development of digital environments, for example).

Increase visitor flow

We need to do more and better to communicate our cultural heritage in new ways, closer to the needs of visitors and their experiences. The use of digital devices has made access to information immediate and engaging: the exhibition paths must adopt the same logic in order to increase the number visitors, adopting systems that combine the real world with the virtual one.

Gain the public’s loyalty

Digital environments integrate audio-video systems, devices, applications and content to create immersive and engaging experiences, able to really make visitors participate. The ability to enter the work of art or to explore a historical find, mixing scenographic installations and digital experiences, is now an asset that can be essential in attracting, entertaining and retaining visitors.

Ph. Palacongressi Rimini

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