The 5 essential things we can do for you

Touchwindow About Project

We Design

strategies and solutions that guide you through your digital transformation.

Touchwindow About Project

We Develop

applications, devices and content that is highly customized.

Touchwindow About Project

We Integrate

ideas, media and avant-garde technologies that are profoundly captivating.

Touchwindow About Project

We Connect

your world to the market, generating new growth opportunities.

Touchwindow About Project

We Create

digital environments that tell emotional stories to your audience.

We are pioneers of digital innovation

Since 1994, at the very heart of Touchwindow there has always been a drive towards innovation. We are innovative in our internal organization as well as in our production processes, in the management of relationships, and in our ability to create experiences that fascinate, entertain and captivate your target.

We are System Integrators

Our high level of specialization and our profound technical knowledge allow us to integrate audio-video systems, devices, applications, and content in highly complex projects. We create Digital Environments that inspire and captivate users during their interactive, multi-sensory and truly exciting experiences.

We believe in collaboration

We have the expertise and operational flexibility to design the most effective digital transformation strategies for your business. The way we consult is not just planning or addressing issues: we help you on the field, in order to solve problems and build new opportunities.

We create new horizons

Abbiamo la competenza e la flessibilità operativa necessarie per disegnare le strategie più efficaci per la Digital Transformation della tua azienda. La nostra consulenza non è solo progettuale o d'indirizzo: ti aiuta sul campo, risolvendo problemi e costruendo nuove opportunità.

We invent new instruments

We design and create cutting-edge hardware and software tools for technology and usability, along with value-added services and content.

We add value

Our high-end technical specialization combines with our ability to have a broader vision, which embraces all innovation sectors. That's why when you choose us you find in us a reliable and proactive partner. A partner who is able to contribute to the growth of your value.

How Can We Help You?

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