Your collaborative space

We create spaces for sharing, collaboration and meetings that take advantage of the full potential of technological systems and Digital Media.

The workspace that looks like you

We support you from the very first design stages, modeling our proposal based on the characteristics of your facility and the marketing of your brand. The Meeting Room therefore becomes a place that represents you, where everything, from the furnishings to the digital device, has been designed to foster the most productivity and participation.

Improve the experience

A meeting becomes a moment of true exchange when everyone's presence is guaranteed, even those who are remotely connected in telepresence. The simultaneous interaction of several people and the ability to collaborate in real time using digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets or touch displays, stimulates us to participate in the meeting in a simple and natural way. The meeting can therefore produce concrete and measurable results.

  • PLAN


    Plan the meeting, set the agenda, distribute digital documentation to all participants.

  • BOOK


    Set the date of the meeting, book the room in order to have connections and active systems.



    During the meeting, make sure everyone is connected and in live communication, even remotely.

  • WORK


    Use digital devices to transform the meeting into a moment of collaborative and productive work.



    Publish the AV recording, share reports and results to extend the meeting output to the team.

Choose the best tools

The Touchwindow Meeting Room connects people by implementing and integrating multi-conference and telepresence systems. The result is a unique environment, where people who are remotely connected seem to be just as present as those who are physically at the meeting. This is thanks to direct visual contact and high quality images, which facilitate communication, idea exchange and productive collaboration.

You have the control

We can create reservation, organization and management systems with easy-to-use centralized digital dashboards. Our abilities and competence with system integration lets you manage your company’s external and internal connections in a completely secure way. For example you’ll be able to organize training sessions with all staff, at headquarters and in the branches.

Trust the experts

Choosing Touchwindow Meeting Room solutions means choosing a reliable company with over twenty years of experience, able to support you during each and every stage, from concept to implementation. In addition you have the convenience and savings of having one single supplier. Our scrum-based working methodology makes us agile and effective, as we continuously look at results in order to achieve our objectives.

Evolved Meeting Rooms

The Digital Transformation that is underway at all levels, including business, forces companies to adopt new strategies and tools for real-time interaction with data, information, and people. The traditional "meeting room" no longer fits the bill: it must become an evolved tool where we can bring together the physical experience of the meeting with a digital one like a virtual connection, a shared file or a remote collaboration through touch devices, for example.

Meeting technology

The Meeting Room in the digital age is equipped with management systems that are centralized in a single, simple dashboard that can be activated remotely, from a smartphone for example. The meeting truly becomes a shared work session, thanks to digital engagement that focuses on the participation, even emotional, of the users.

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  • Touchwindow Meeting-room
  • Touchwindow Meeting-room
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