Tozzi Green

Tozzi Green

Digital Workspace between refitting and innovation


A technological partner for digitization of work spaces

Tozzi Green, a company specializing in solutions for the development of renewable energy, is a reality that has made innovation its main core. The strong will to progress has led the company to Touchwindow, looking for a technological partner capable of managing the digitization of work spaces all around, revamping the hall and meeting rooms, where there already were display systems that did not meet their needs. Tozzi Green has recognized in our team the reliability and expertise necessary to adapt the technologies in use to higher standards and integrate new hardware and software solutions to maximize concepts of sharing and collaboration.


Understand the needs to fully satisfy them

The consultancy and planning phases were the project's core activities: right from the start, we focused our attention on the real needs of Tozzi Green, in order to fully understand how to satisfy them. We surveyed the entire technological infrastructure already present on site, to understand which devices needed recovery by doing a preliminary maintenance and technological upgrade activity and which ones, instead, had to be implemented from scratch. Before the actual System Integration phase, the customer was presented with an archetype of the designed solutions. In our laboratory, Tozzi Green representatives were able to try, test, and use the systems and devices that would then be installed on their premises.


System Integration, complete innovation

In Tozzi Green's hall there was a non-functional 4x3 Video Wall. Our technicians have maintained the existing supporting structure by integrating 12 new displays with 4K resolution, perfect for enhancing the sharpness and definition of the contents broadcast. An audio system, capable of integrating itself perfectly with the hall's back walls and with minimal and sophisticated design, has been implemented throughout the reception area to amplify the communicative capacity of the Video Wall. The selected loudspeakers ensure an extremely clean sound diffusion throughout the environment giving as a result a strong impact: a perfect business card for all visitors to Tozzi Green, right from their very first entry. This solution has a great impact and is perfect for surprising visitors from the first time they enter the venue.


The System Integration activity then moved towards the company's Meeting Rooms, which we completely renovated, making them real technologically advanced Digital Workspaces capable of promoting efficient collaboration both face-to-face and remotely.

Where possible, our team has restored the existing visualization systems, integrating them with All-in-One videoconferencing devices. The aim is always to safeguard the existing technological infrastructure. In the meeting rooms lacking adequate technological infrastructure, we intervened by integrating new displays on mobile supports, equipped with the latest generation video-conference system.


A software to manage your content autonomously on your iPad

The need for Tozzi Green to intervene autonomously on uploading, modifying and updating the contents of the Video Wall immediately emerged. Our attention has therefore focused on the need to make this activity as easy as possible. For this reason, before the final delivery of the project, we hosted the Tozzi Green team and shared with them the demo of the content sharing software, graphically customized on the basis of their brand identity. The customer was able to personally test the ease of use of the application, ask for any corrections and clarifications. The management of the multimedia content of the Video Wall in the hall now relies on an extremely fast and user-friendly drag&drop sharing system, which allows you to arrange all kinds of content just by using a tablet.

The final outcome, the result of a customer-supplier participatory collaborative task, is a perfect combination of vision, strategic consultancy and technological innovation, which give life to digitally advanced and cutting-edge environments.

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