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    Facilitates mobile payment transactions to cut queues at cash desks.

  • WI-FI


    Offer your customers free Wi-Fi and get to know them better.



    Respond to requests from your customers with advanced chatbots.



    Promote dialog with customers via their smartphones.



    Use Digital Signage to engage, inform, and promote.



    Offer experiences that integrate the physical and digital to entertain and retain.



    Get to know your customers to offer them better products and services.

Digital Environment for retail

We specialize in creating digital environments that integrate devices, content and audio-video systems to provide memorable experiences that connect the digital and physical worlds. We support you in designing a store where your brand comes to life, where you can learn more about your customers, create a conversation with them, assist them with the purchasing process, give them information about products through multimedia content, and offer interactive experiences that captivate and inspire them.

Trust the experts

With 25 years of experience in system integration, we offer you the advantage of being a unique and reliable partner for complex solutions, which involve your communication, your store, your brand, and your online presence. We support you throughout all of the stages using our agile methodology, from design to installation and up to maintenance, collaborating with you and recommending solutions for your needs. By entrusting us with your project you are able to reduce the complexity in order to be more efficient and to increase the competitiveness of your retail shop.

A new generation of stores

According to recent research, 90% of purchases all over the world are still taking place in a physical store. This is also true for the last two generations of consumers, so-called Millennials and Generation Z. Only a little more than a third buys exclusively online. We are even seeing online shops that have opened or are opening their own physical stores. They represent a new store idea, closer to the needs and desires of a new generation of consumers.

Satisfy digital consumers

Today's consumers are "digital creatures": they spend most of their time on digital devices, especially smartphones. Smartphones are tools that let consumers interact with the online world; they use them to search, get informed, discover, compare and have conversations. This is also true for the processes that lead up to purchasing: getting to know products through videos and images, comparing prices, reading reviews, and knowing what friends think about them on social media ... however, the digital experience, as necessary as it is, in most cases is not sufficient to complete the purchase.

Redefine the shopping experience

The digital world cannot yet completely replace the physical experience of purchasing, which allows you to try on a dress, for example, evaluate the quality of the materials in a piece of furniture, the maneuverability of a utensil, the weight of a tool, or the noise of a home appliance. The experience in the store must however be perceived as the natural extension and fulfillment of the digital experience, maintaining maximum consistency between the offline and the online world. This is only possible by implementing and integrating technological systems at the point of sale.

From the product to the experience

In this context technological innovation is not an enemy to beat, rather the tool that allows you to connect reality to virtual. The focus shifts from the product to the experience your consumers have, allowing you to attract, acquire and retain your customer base. Your shop becomes an extension of your online store and social media, a place of wonder where customers find what they have discovered online, recognize the brand they have chosen, accept being guided towards the product they desire and satisfactorily conclude their purchase.

Ph. Palacongressi Rimini

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