Social Media Wall: Your space becomes social

Spark the interest and curiosity of your visitors, transforming their experience into a social moment that makes them come together, participate and exchange ideas.

Social Media Wall in 4 step

Connect your world to social media

Social Media Wall is the application that lets your visitors to interact with your digital network through their smartphones. It allows you to connect the online world with the offline one with a fun shared experience, which in turn increases the attractiveness of your shop, point of sale, shopping mall or event.

Your users make you social

It's your users who talk about you on social media, using the hashtags you've established. You can preview their content and choose which ones to publish on the screens of your shop. In this way it is the content created by users that actually promotes your brand on social media.

  • Touchwindow Socialize
  • Touchwindow Socialize

Take advantage of social marketing

Social Media Wall increases your visibility on social media networks, adds value to your users, and gives you a continuous source of content that keeps your space alive. You can create hashtags with strong viral potential, which increases your popularity, or you can directly view partner or sponsor feeds, setting up co-marketing strategies. We can also customize the graphics of the Wall, making it an integral part of your Brand Experience.

Get to know your users

With Social Media Wall you can learn more about what your users think about your brand, collecting useful information to improve your services. In addition, you can engage them in initiatives, contests and promotions via social media, stimulating their loyalty.

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  • Touchwindow Socialize

Create memorable events

Social Media Wall lets you create truly special events, encouraging participation both online and offline. The event’s experience will then become viral on social media, increasing your popularity.


The service that improves your work

Offer a free Wi-Fi connection and collect data to improve your services.

Social WI-FI in 4 step

Make your space more social

The Social Wi-Fi System is the software that allows you to offer a free Wi-Fi connection to visitors of your Shopping Mall, point of sale, large hotel or other facility. This increases the attractiveness of your business and the time people spend in your space.

Stimulate engagement

Free Wi-Fi makes it more pleasant to spend time within your business and stimulates engagement. Visitors can access social media networks, let others know where they are and interact with your Brand. The more pleasant their experience, the more willing they will be to come back to visit you.

  • Touchwindow Socialize
  • Touchwindow Socialize

Improve your services

The Social Wi-Fi System allows you to learn more about your visitors' habits and improve your services within the location. You’ll be able to access whether they are new or returning visitors, which age groups they belong to and which areas they frequent. The data, collected in compliance with privacy laws, allows you to create actions and promotions on social media, stimulating participation and loyalty.

  • Touchwindow Socialize
  • Touchwindow Socialize

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