Industry 4.0 on exhibit

Client Brief

Bringing Industry 4.0 excellence to the trade fair

SACMI, a multinational group based in Imola and world leader in machines for Ceramics, Packaging, Food and Automation, is a point of reference on the global stage for its continuous research of high quality standards for its products and services.

The company is always projected towards innovation. Now, almost a hundred years after it was founded it is a trusted partner for the transition towards Industry 4.0. SACMI forged an unwavering partnership with us at Touchwindow as they discovered their need highlight processes and technologies at international trade shows.

Tecnargilla 2018, the most important show for the ceramic and brick industry, focusing on tile, bathroom fittings and tableware technologies, is held every two years in Rimini. SACMI is always a leading exhibitor at the event and they asked us to develop the Digital Environment at the fair.

In particular they wanted to highlight the new generation of large integrated automation presses for Tiles. They also wanted to present the most recent developments of the H.E.R.E. Platform (Human Expertise for Reactive Engineering), a true linchpin of the new Industry 4.0 concept.


The material and immaterial in one unique experience

As we collaborated with the SACMI team, we came up with the idea of ​​an installation in which we could replicate, with a high degree of likelihood, the PH 16000 press, showing how it works when it is in operation. For the H.E.R.E. platform, the challenge was to create a truly interactive control room and to develop simulations.

Basically, the design concept envisaged the union between the physical and the virtual through a digital environment that would be able to guarantee a strong visitor engagement. The idea was immediately approved by the SACMI team, which led us to tackle the different design issues of the installations.


Advanced research and design

The design stage started by carefully studying the PH 16000. It has total automation, allowing for autonomous management of the transformation processes, from the raw material to the finished product. The analysis allowed us to establish the parts that, due to the obvious difficulty when it comes to moving a production line of that size to a trade show, had to be digitally replicated. We therefore designed a large LED wall where we could simulate the phases of some mechanical operations, integrating the conveyor belt with the slabs coming out of the wall.

For the control room of the H.E.R.E. platform we designed the infrastructure, the connections and the software to simulate a control room for smart factories.

The projects were then calibrated according to the characteristics of the exhibition venue, defining every aspect with precision. In terms of communications, we worked in concert with the SACMI team to bring continuity to the SACMI brand image at the fair.

Production and Activation

A personalized experience

The set-up was developed and activated by keeping in mind with the visitors' experience, so that they could truly interact with the installation. Thanks to the brilliance of the LED wall and the perfect coordination with the physical portion, consisting of a section of the production line, it was possible to simulate with great likelihood the operations and the strengths of the machinery.

The installation and set-up of the control room at the show allowed us once again to present a simulated experience that had a strong engagement.

September 24 was opening day of the trade show and everything was ready to capture the attention of the large amount of visitors, stimulating curiosity, participation and wonder.

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