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The Smart Factory takes center stage

Sacmi is a multinational group specializing in Ceramics, Packaging, Food and Automation machinery that celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2019. From its headquarters in Imola, the company conducts operations worldwide, constantly striving to raise the quality standards of its products and services.

From this standpoint, Sacmi group has been heavily geared towards technological innovation ever since its inception, and has now positioned itself as a strategic global partner for the transition to Industry 4.0. In order to highlight the technological progress its has achieved, Sacmi has decided to attend the most important international trade fairs.

In searching for partners with whom to develop new display solutions, the company came across Touchwindow, with whom it initiated a solid and ongoing partnership.


Advanced digital ecosystems

For Sacmi, trade fairs represent an opportunity to bring the solutions and innovations developed by its business units to the attention of the public.

In particular, the company needs to be able to demonstrate the functionality and features of its industrial machinery that cannot be physically transported to the exhibition halls, either because they’re too cumbersome or are system components that are not able to be removed. The company also needs to be able to highlight certain processes, stimulate visitor engagement, and create specific areas for meetings and collaboration work, as well as for promoting its commercial offering through up-to-date and interactive product presentations.

The Digital Environments fully meet these requirements, offering physical/digital experiences designed to attract and engage the public, allowing them to fully immerse themselves within the world of Sacmi.


Custom solutions

Every project begins with a thorough analysis of the requirements in terms of communication and exhibition spaces. Working together with the company and its technical staff, we design the technological equipment and A/V systems, and handle all the software development and content creation.

The project takes into account the communication needs, the structuring and placement of the stand, the utilities, and the logistics.

The hardware part of the digital environment is developed by determining the most appropriate solutions in terms of Touch Walls, LED Walls, Touch Displays, Interactive Tables, A/V systems, etc. Each device is designed to ensure the utmost ease of handling and installation within the stand area.

In terms of software, the Touchviewer application is used to create the touch interactions with the contents. Images, videos, audio tracks, motion graphics, etc. can all be integrated in order to customize the experience based on the Sacmi corporate image.


The world of Sacmi is brought to life

We have utilized and customized devices of exceptionally high quality for major international fairs.

Very large format Video Walls and Touch Walls allow the agents present at the trade fair to introduce new products and to demonstrate the functionality of specific production line components. Video walls in ultra stretched landscape format allow video loops to be displayed in order to allow agents to show the machinery’s particular functions, phases and processes in detail.

What’s more, integrated videoconferencing systems allow for direct dialog with remote operators while at the trade fair, in order to demonstrate the support processes live. The video cameras, which are installed and integrated with the interactive devices’ software, allow the production processes at the company to be shown in real time, so that the production flows can be constantly monitored.

Ultra-high definition LED Walls show 4k videos specially produced for the various business units in collaboration with Limina di Bologna.

Digital Twin units replicate the processes and processing activities of the machines that would have been impossible to bring to the trade fair, in order to simulate the user experience in a remarkably realistic manner.

In agreement with the company, we completely customized the devices, adapting them to the industrial style of the PROPACK and BREV & BEV trade fairs in Bangkok and Shanghai, and creating metal covers that would allow the systems to be perfectly integrated within the stand’s structures.

In terms of software, we used the Touchviewer application to customize the display and presentation mode of the interactive content, creating archives dedicated to the various business units. The Touchviewer software installed on the Sacmi Agents’ PCs and tablets allows them to keep the contents up to date using a synchronization system.

The archives consist of the following: CLOSURES (plastic and metal caps), BEVERAGE (bottles and jars), TILES, and SANITARYWARE. The software allows the user to view three levels of detail: the product, the production line, and the design features, all of which are fully documented with video content and in-depth information sheets. The agents are therefore able to provide customers with demonstrations and training interactively, directly from their digital devices.

A unique customer experience, complete with immersive and experiential areas, and interactive meeting places and training stations.


An open dialog with the public

Our partnership with Sacmi entails our engagement in the installation, maintenance and support aspects of various events and trade fairs throughout the year, all around the world.

By way of example, these include METPACK in Essen, DRINKTEC in Munich, HOST and IPACK in Milan, ANUGA FOODTEC in Cologne, PROPACK in Bangkok, BREV & BEV and CHINAPLAS in Shanghai, BRAU & BEVI in Nuremberg, NPE in Orlando, and GULFOOD in Dubai.

Each set-up is developed and optimized in consideration of the end user: the public. At every event, the goal is to offer the visitors a gateway to the world of Sacmi, allowing them to see, hear and interact with the company’s products, processes and services.

From the trade fairs of Europe and Asia, to the various in-house events, our Digital Environments allow Sacmi to promote a more widespread knowledge of its products and services, and greater brand awareness, thereby creating a channel for direct dialog with the public.

Our work is therefore part of a broader framework, thanks to which, according to Paolo Mongardi, president of Sacmi Imola, "Sacmi has reinforced its standing as a benchmark in terms of continuous innovation, developing a real integrated ecosystem of innovation and services that's capable of generating synergies and benefits for our entire economic system.”

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