Innovation is a game

Take advantage of gaming dynamics to entertain, train and stimulate deeper engagement.



    Scoring gives an immediate and tangible reward for the progress achieved.



    Leveling up certifies the new skills acquired and promotion of more demanding objectives.



    Challenges, alone or in collaboration with others, stimulates teamwork.



    Ranking encourages competition and personal improvement.

  • Touchwindow Game-and-gamification
  • Touchwindow Game-and-gamification

A tailor-made solution

At Touchwindow we have always put people at the center of all of our projects, designing and creating complex digital environments that integrate devices, applications, content and audio-video systems that deliver new experiences. We developed Game Suite, a collection of interactive games for Multi-Touch displays. Game Suite is intended for spaces dedicated to relaxation and entertainment in airports, stations, shopping centers, restaurants, and waiting rooms. We are experts on the dynamics of gaming and we can design with you personalized gamification solutions that involve and train your target market.

Trust the experts

With us you can have a reliable company with over twenty years of experience, able to support you during each and every stage, from concept to implementation. In addition you have the convenience of one single supplier. Our scrum-based approach makes us agile and effective, as we continuously look at results in order to achieve our objectives.

A world of players

Today we are witnessing a progressive increase in the number of digital gamers. The phenomenon is due not only to the widespread use of home gaming, but also to the proliferation of lowcost apps for smartphones and games on the main social media platforms. Everyone plays, from businesspeople to university students, from teenagers to managers. The audience is growing strongly, especially in Italy, where at least a quarter of a million people play approximately 40 hours a week.

Not just a game

The increasing interest in games, especially when it comes to new generations, forces us to rethink how we communicate and train. Engagement offered by digital games can be an important lever for transmitting content and acquiring new skills. Recent studies indicate that only 10% of what has been learned in training courses, often mandatory, is then actually applied in people’s work. 20% of a person’s skills derive from relationships with other people, while 70% comes from field experience. Any competence, in order to be fully acquired, needs to be experienced.

  • Touchwindow Game-and-gamification
  • Touchwindow Game-and-gamification

The advantages of gaming

The need for more effective training has led to the implementation of mechanics that actually come from games, taking advantage of their ability to engage and excite. People like games because they allow you to learn new skills independently and voluntarily, getting instant gratification from scores and winning against opponents. Moreover, the game experience lets you make mistakes without particular consequences, and you can even learn from them. Games let you experiment and attempt new things, strengthening your daring and making you put yourself out there.

The power of gamification

These dynamics and mechanics can prove to be extremely effective if used to teach someone new skills, but also to train internal resources or for communication. This is why the trend is on the rise today, and it is said that two thirds of Italian companies are investing in gamification.

The main levers of gamification

  • Score. A score gives an immediate and tangible reward for the progress the user has achieved;
  • Level up. Clearing a level certifies new skills that have been acquired and getting promoted to more challenging objectives;
  • Challenge. Whether alone or in collaboration with others, challenges stimulate teamwork;
  • Ranking. Classification encourages competition and personal improvement.

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