How to make Digital Signage effective

In the retail world, digital signage can encourage greater sales, but only if we really know how to make it effective.

In search of lost attention

Today a good part of our time is spent on digital devices: smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, which continually subject us to stimuli. As a result, we have become much more selective as we are forced to process more and more information in even less time. The decision on which content to dwell on is made in fractions of a second, thus drastically lowering our attention threshold.

This has also had an impact on the way we shop. Online, we scroll through pages and pages of articles, focusing only on those that immediately stimulate our interest. Offline, our attention is likely to be distracted by even more stimuli: background music, hubbub, displayed items, salesmen, screens ... there are so many things to see and feel that if our attention is not immediately captured by something, we may decide to "close communications" with that environment. The visitor's gaze must be educated and guided using a strategy, otherwise it risks being irreversibly distracted.

The store manager must thus make every effort to open a dialog channel with visitors within a few seconds, otherwise he risks losing his engagement with them. The most effective way to achieve this is to take advantage of Digital Signage, which creates visual and sound stimuli, using language that visitors know well - that of digital devices. Ultimately, like all technologies, Digital Signage is just a tool whose effectiveness depends on how you use it and what it is used to convey.

Offer dynamic content

The store cannot limit itself to using its Digital Signage system to offer content that is always the same or easily implementable by anyone, such as weather forecasts or news feeds. We need dynamic content that changes and keeps visitors' attention active. To succeed, it must be relevant and offering a service, not just trying to sell. The primary objective is to keep visitors in the store as long as possible, encouraging them to touch and try the products, peak their curiosity by telling them stories about the brand and product features. The drive to make a purchase will be the consequence of an engaging and stimulating environment to which it is pleasant to return.

Build a consistent brand experience

What is shown through Digital Signage is part of the brand experience and must therefore be consistent with the contents and the look & feel of all the communication put in place, from the app to the website, from the advertising to the brochure. Only in this way can the visitor feel truly satisfied; this is an integral part of your world and your brand.

Create a strategy

Manage your Digital Signage system as if it were your TV channel, creating a schedule that makes it live and interesting throughout the store's opening time. Adopt a strategy that takes account of the duration, time and modality of the message to be communicated. Longer messages should be placed close to the cash desks, where they help pass time spent waiting. Even the timing is a strategic factor: you can choose one type of content for the most crowded schedules and another for quieter moments. You should also carefully plan the type of interaction: audiovisual, touch content or widgets. Turn the shop into a different and stimulating experience every day.

Stir up emotions

The public is looking for exciting stories. Take advantage of movement and sound to capture attention, then tell stories about your brand, your world, relying on emotions. The goal should not be to directly promote the purchase of an article, but rather to tell a story about your brand, that brings the customer into your world.

Measure the results

When you set up a Digital Signage system, you have the chance to transform it into an effective means of communication with your target audience. All digital interactions produce information that is measurable and useful for mapping your customers' preferences. For example, you can use RFID sensors, free Wi-Fi or Face Recognition, Presence Detection or Beacon systems which accurately measure the effectiveness of your communication. You can record flows, identify types of visitors by times of the day, create reports and graphs that help you develop more and more personalized services for your target audience.

Much more than just signage

Digital Signage is ultimately much more than just a signage system: it is a sophisticated means of communication with which to reach your target and get to know it better. It helps you to put in place effective strategies to satisfy and retain your customers, allowing them to participate in your brand experience on a much deeper level.

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