Interactive Wayfinding: The fastest way to find the destination you are looking for

Interactive Wayfinding is the software that allows you to locate destinations, decide on routes, and optimally manage the time spent in a large building.

The customized application for large buildings

Interactive Wayfinding is a software that was designed for large buildings that are equipped with a digital network: shopping centers, hospitals, service centers, airports, and businesses. Help visitors navigate and organize their time efficiently while they are in the building.


Interactive Wayfinding allows users to search and find places of interest, or to create itineraries. Based on the distance from the device on which it is operating, the software calculates routes and travel times, optimizing time spent in the building.

An increasingly evolved experience

All the data collected by the software can be used to generate reports, statistics and diagrams that allow you to better understand visitors, their itineraries, their habits, and the most requested destinations, therefore giving you the information in order to strategically improve your services.

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