Our values

Touchwindow culture Responsabilità


We are aware that the projects we undertake and the choices we make could lead us to either succeed or not succeed.

Touchwindow culture Lavoro in team


For us, teamwork always comes first.

Touchwindow culture Collaborazione


Each of us, whatever role we might play, takes on daily activities in order to achieve a common goal of accomplishment.

Touchwindow culture Efficienza e qualità

Efficiency and quality

We create quality products by following an efficient work process.

Touchwindow culture Innovazione


Innovation is culture. In processes, in projects, in solutions.

The culture of innovation

Those who work at Touchwindow know that they are part of a team that has strong and shared values. One of these is the importance we give to our people and our orientation towards innovation.

We value new ideas

Each project is carefully evaluated by a large team, where everyone can offer ideas, inspiration, or new directions. Each competency finds the right value and the continuous exchange of feedback creates new solutions that improve the job at hand.

We believe in an organic approach

For us innovation is not just about technology: it is a form of thinking that tries to look at things from new points of view, it is intellectual curiosity and openness towards what has never been done before. We not only focus on high specialization in the specific areas of digital innovation. We add an organic approach to projects that evaluates every aspect. One of these aspects is marketing and communications, even emotional.

We love to collaborate

For us, collaboration is essential: we work as a team and for your project we create a team with you. At the heart of every business there is your idea, your requirements, and your strategy. Working together to transform them into reality is our greatest satisfaction.

We believe in people

We treat our employees like we treat our customers. We invest in training, we continually discuss and debate internally, and we add tools to share amongst ourselves. We are convinced that the more we are involved and accountable in the job, the more we will step up our game for every project.

We are Italian

We are proud to be Italian, heirs to an open minded approach to new things as well as excellent craftsmanship. We always try to combine efficiency with creativity and a taste for doing things beautifully.


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