The powerful and versatile lectern

A single lectern structure that integrates a full glass Multi-Touch screen and a computer: Desk offers great experiences in a small space.

  • Touchwindow desk
  • Touchwindow desk
  • Touchwindow desk

An interactive point for every occasion

With its sturdy, solid and pleasant design, Desk is small and can be easily moved and repositioned in the most diverse venues, such as seminars, meetings, conventions, trade shows, shopping centers and museums.
Its essential lines fit harmoniously into any space.

Powerful and functional

In this unique object with its refined design we have enclosed all the power of a Multi-Touch screen with brilliant and detailed images, on which you can offer services, tell stories, and stimulate emotions.

The ultimate All-in-one solution

The ultimate All-in-one solution

An innovative all-in-one solution where everything is enclosed in a robust shell with clean lines and elegant slim design. a secure and compact structure suitable to be quickly placed and moved.

Design and every detail has been carefully considered

Design and every detail has been carefully considered

The interactive high-definition screen is slightly tilted, enabling effective and engaging interactive presentations. is The perfect solution for interactive points, museums, exhibitions, shopping centers, meeting rooms and auditorium.

full glass and ultra smooth surface

full glass and ultra smooth surface

A smooth glass surface ensure greater user safety. the Ultra-Smooth treatment makes the glass smoother than the conventional touchscreen devices.

Quality materials and components

The full glass and ultra smooth surface creates a maximum interaction area. The integrated Multi-Touch technology ensures fast response times, even in the presence of numerous simultaneous interactions.

Hi-Tech performance

Desk is equipped with automatic systems that control operating temperature and for self-diagnostics of the functions, guaranteeing optimal operation and lower energy consumption.

Seize all the potential

Take advantage of all the possibilities of Desk by implementing our applications that create experiences, entertain, and communicate. You can transform your digital device into a powerful tool to attract your audience, to get to know them better and to offer innovative services.

Trust the professionals

We can work with you on the design and development of the device that satisfies your requirements, creating tailor-made solutions. We are able to offer customized assistance and maintenance programs upon request.

The perfect match


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