The fundamentals of teamwork

Touchwindow Team Trasparenza


The project information is visible to everyone. A shared inspection tool facilitates the exchange of feedback.

Touchwindow Team Collaborazione


We work together to give mutual contributions.

Touchwindow Team Autonomia


Each employee works independently in order to achieve the team goal.

Touchwindow Team Priorità


Everyone is aware of delivery times and is responsible for respecting them.

Touchwindow Team Timing


Each work process is geared towards an efficient use of time.

Touchwindow Team Iterazione


The implementation objectives are adapted from time to time according to results of our work.

We work for you. With you

We believe in working differently. We are always open to discussion and everyone can contribute. It puts each team player at the center of the action, so that we are able to reach more ambitious goals together with you.

Together we are stronger

Each project involves every division of Touchwindow, from the software development area to design, so that everyone can contribute according to their expertise and be informed of the progress.

Together we are more agile

Innovation is a part of us and the way we work. This is why we have chosen an agile organizational model, oriented towards sharing and open to discussion and collaboration. Everyone works toward the same goal as a team, adapting and improving the project as it develops.

Together we are able to give more

We share and collaborate daily. It enhances everyone's contribution and it also recognizes merit. Everyone feels independent in achieving their goals and fulfilled in the role they have in the company. So they are driven to give the best of themselves, which in turn improves the team's performance.

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