A show without comparison

Discover a video surface without size limits. Luminous, with bright colors, able to follow curved or angled walls without interruptions.

  • Touchwindow led-wall
  • Touchwindow led-wall
  • Touchwindow led-wall

Wow your customers

We design LED Wall for you without extension limits, thanks to small modules that can be assembled at will. The amazing brightness of the LEDs ensures brilliant images that are sharp and detailed and vivid colors with any lighting conditions.

Choose power and versatility

The LED Wall is the ideal tool for the most diverse communications applications in various commercial sectors, such as advertising, entertainment and set design. Given the brightness of the panels, LED Walls are suitable for public places with large influxes of people, such as shopping malls, stations, airports, and sports facilities.

Clean And Hassle-free Installation

Clean And Hassle-free Installation

The compact design ensures a flexible, seamless implementation in any indoor setting. Full-rear components access ensures more convenient, quick-turn maintenance.

Detailed, Customized Color Presentation

Detailed, Customized Color Presentation

Compatibility with various color gamut settings allows broadcast studios, galleries and other specialized indoor applications to customize color expression for their unique needs, to preserve color accuracy and visual power.

dynamic peaking: detail and quality

dynamic peaking: detail and quality

The hdr integrated sensor optimizes color gradation within individual scenes for added detail and quality. the displays’ complementary dynamic peaking elevates peak brightness to levels two times higher than the standard LED maximum.

Add value to your space

The modular qualities of the LED Wall makes it possible to take advantage of any available surfaces, even if they are inclined, curved or at an angle. The screen has no frame in the cabinets, yet displays a continuous image, without interruptions or distortions, which increases its visual impact.

Images are always high end

Thanks to the latest generation video processors, LED Wall reproduces images from any digital source, extending the possibilities of its application. In addition, the "pixel by pixel" calibration adjusts the color range and color temperature of each LED, ensuring maximum uniformity of the images from panel to panel.

Hi-tech performance

The LED Wall control processor checks the operating parameters of the LED panel, thus ensuring it has the power and ideal operating temperature. The high thermal dissipation of the material enables uninterrupted daily use. Automatic brightness control ensures compliance with European regulations for light pollution.

Keep up the quality

The Wall Controller is the system that allows the LED Wall to optimally manage the image. Basically it makes sure every module that makes up the Wall works at maximum resolution, without signal compression. So, regardless of the size of the LED Wall, you will always have high-definition images that are faithful to the original quality.

Seize all the potential

Take advantage of all the possibilities of LED Wall by implementing our applications that entertain and communicate. You can transform your digital device into a powerful tool to attract your audience and to offer innovative services.

Trust the professionals

We can work with you on the design and development of the device that satisfies your requirements, creating tailor-made solutions. We are able to offer customised assistance and maintenance programs upon request.

The perfect match


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