Dashboard Control: Get to know your users, improve your service

The software that allows you to better meet the needs of your visitors, because it helps you get to know their habits and behavior when they are visiting you.

Get to know your users better

Visitors to your facility, whether it is the premises of a business, an airport, a service or other type of center, interact with your Digital Environment, generating data. Dashboard Control makes it possible to converge all data and information, coming from different systems and devices, into a single software environment, so that you can obtain information that can be useful for improving your offer.

A new analytics platform

Dashboard Control allows you to collect and analyze the data related to the use of your Digital Environment in real time: for example, time spent using the interactive displays, number of logins per time period, number of receipts in relation to the people present and so on. All data is collected in accordance with international privacy laws.

A single software environment

The software can collect data from your visitor's optical profiling system, which lets you to know, for example, their gender, mood, age, time spent, the difference between occasional and recurring customers, and logins in the building in relation to weather conditions. The information converges to the dashboard, where it can be viewed and analyzed.

Visual processing of data

The Dashboard Control organizes and lets you view all the data collected in reports that are easy to read and interpret because they are visually immediate. So you can get useful indicators to improve processes and increase the profitability of your location.

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