A new way to communicate

Kiosk is an effective digital signage tool with content and services in Multi-Touch mode, actively captivating visitors.

  • Touchwindow kiosk
  • Touchwindow kiosk
  • Touchwindow kiosk

Grab your customers’ attention

Kiosk was created for waiting rooms, public places, lobbies of hotels and tourist offices. It can be equipped with proximity sensors that turn on the screens when users approach, attracting their attention. Kiosk can be bifacial, multiplying your chances of offering information, services, and promotions.

Stimulate engagement

Kiosk Multi-Touch screens are precise, sensitive and quick in their interactions, facilitating consultation and engagement. The images are brilliant, and colors are vivid, making every experience pleasant and engaging.

Hi-Tech performance

Kiosk is equipped with automatic systems that control operating temperature and for self-diagnostics of the functions, guaranteeing optimal operation and lower energy consumption.

Seize all the potential

Take advantage of the possibilities of Kiosk by implementing our applications that create experiences and communicate. You can transform your digital device into a powerful tool to attract your audience, to get to know them better and to offer innovative services.

Trust the professionals

We can work with you on the design and development of the device that satisfies your requirements, creating tailor-made solutions. We are able to offer customized assistance and maintenance programs upon request.

The perfect match


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