When the workplace becomes a lifestyle

In recent years, the process of Digital Transformation has received a really important push, transferring millions of workers from offices to their homes and requiring companies to organize meetings, conferences, training events in hybrid mode.

The concepts of Digital Workspace and phygital environment, i.e. an environment halfway between physical and digital space, today represent the new standard for evaluating the effective productivity of workplaces oriented towards collaboration and comparison.

At all Collaboration

Digital Workspaces, in order to be truly devoted to sharing and collaboration, must move along two principles. 

First of all, companies need to offer their employees digital collaboration tools to allow them to work in teams even remotely. 

Secondly, the Corporate World, needs to reconvert its traditionals meeting spaces, such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums and academies, by creating new functional areas aimed at intelligent collaboration in person ad remotly.

Digital Workspace distraction-free. The "3C Rule"

In order for Digital Workspaces to be truly future-oriented, productive and performing, it is essential that these environments are designed for people, around people. Matching the productivity goals of workplaces with the expectations of employees and collaborators ain this new phygital dimension is not easy. 

Regardless of the type of event, meeting or task you are facing, a well-designed Digital Workspace combines tools, strategies and technologies to support a work, a meeting, a training session without interruptions or distractions, and therefore efficiently. 

To do this, the Digital Workspace must be equipped with a technological infrastructure capable of ensuring 3 fundamental activities.

Everyone has their own space

After tearing down the walls that confined the concept of workspace to a purely physical dimension, today Digital Workspaces take on different meanings based on the specific intended use of the environment.

What unites them is the use of videoconferencing equipment and sharing systems, video solutions, automation and control software which, together, combine to create integrated and flexible digital workspaces, with an easy and intuitive User Experience.

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