Visual Communication Technology

VCT changes people's lives, their habits, their way of being together. Are you able to use it to its full potential?

The future is visual

Communication in the digital age is visual. More and more users prefer image-based social platforms: Instagram has a steady growth trend, while Facebook is losing users. Blogs and traditional online diaries are disappearing, replaced by new generations of Youtubers. The change is particularly evident in the younger generations, increasingly linked to visual communication.

At the base of this success there is probably the immediacy of the image, which does not need to be translated into another language, nor of particular instruments to be decoded. But there is also technological innovation. High-performance devices and connections have enabled rapid transmission of multimedia content that is accessible immediately and naturally through touch interactions.

All this has made Visual Communication Technology (VCT) increasingly widespread and pervasive. It is found in the Digital Environments of Shopping Centers, stations, airports, restaurants, companies, etc., so much so, that today it is a strategic asset for increasing sales, improving information and emotionally involving people.

However, VCT is and remains technology, a set of tools to be used, to exploit its enormous potential. Here are a number of points to consider to implement it successfully in your organization or company.

1. Flexibility

It is recommended that the software platform that manages the network of devices is unique, so as to facilitate scalability, updates and content optimization. If you have a Digital Environment composed of a Touch Wall and some multimedia kiosks, for example, it is much easier to have a unique system that manages the contents for both types of devices. This is vital for extended networks, for example, a chain of stores where the uploading of new content, published on the basis of a personalized schedule and on a wide variety of devices, must be quick and simple.

2. Integration

Digital ecosystems must be open to integration with your back-end and CRM tools. You will be able to decide whether to launch promotions on surplus products in your store or to optimize how many hours multimedia will run in your museum based on the number of entries recorded during the day. The possibilities are unlimited: the more your VCT system dialogs with the other systems you use every day, the more effective your actions will be.

3. Adaptation

A VCT system only works to its full potential when it distributes content suitable for the various devices that comprise the network: for example, projecting a 4K video on the LED Wall, transfering a digital coupon to visitors' smartphones, running a promotion on digital displays. You can have different contents on different devices with a single tool, thus multiplying the scope of your communication.

4. Analysis

Today, any digital interaction leaves a trace: connecting to free Wi-Fi, filling out a form on a Touch Wall, collecting a digital coupon are actions that produce data. Knowing how to collect and display this information helps you to offer increasingly personalized services based on the real demands and desires of your users. VCT systems open a dialog channel with people that helps you understand them and better satisfy their needs.

5. Security

Any digital network is vulnerable to attack by hackers. An integrated VCT system, which relies on a unique software platform, is more defensible and secure compared to a system based on different applications. Effective system integration guarantees greater safety margins.

6. Usability

Any VCT solution must be able to be managed independently, without the aid of a technician. The control dashboard must allow maximum ease of use, so that every member of your organization or company can operate and update the contents based on the schedule with minimal training. The more intuitive the usability, the more you will know how to keep the dialog alive with your target.

In conclusion

If the future of communication is passing to imaging through the implementation of VCT solutions, such as Digital Environment and Digital Signage network, this is a step that we can no longer postpone. The advantages it offers, such as the deep involvement of people, the strengthening of brand awareness, and dialog with the target, are all vital for the growth and future of your organization or company.

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