The control that increases performance

Solutions that monitor processes and acquire data to increase efficiency and security.

Improve efficiency

Our Control Room solutions let you collect and merge data and audio-video signals coming from multiple sources in a single environment in real time. Manage your Control Room through simple digital dashboards, even remotely, and monitor punctually and precisely.

Control and manage

The data collected by the systems can be converted into reports and graphs that help you understand what actions to take to, for example, prevent malfunctions, schedule maintenance or reduce risks for operators.

Optimize processes

We can design and build integrated systems that allow you to oversee areas and monitor processes and production or service lines in your company. Our expertise and specialization allow us to offer scalable solutions, tailored to your needs and existing infrastructure. For you there is the advantage of a single supplier able to reduce complexity and give you secure, reliable and easy-to-use digital environments.

A new-generation Control Room

The Control Room is an essential asset in today’s world In surveillance situations that present a potential risk, such as industrial processes, border surveillance, and air control, it is necessary to have reliable and secure systems that integrate a large variety of data and audio-visual signals in one single physical and digital environment.

Industry 4.0

In Industry 4.0, the Control Room allows a large amount of data to converge in a single physical and digital environment, and to make it immediately available in diagrams and reports. It is a huge competitive advantage in a field where optimizing processes, reducing waste, improving sustainability or increasing security has become crucial.

Evolved digital environments

The Control Room is no longer simply a surveillance or control system; it becomes an advanced tool for measuring, planning, and improving. This is made possible by technological innovation, which integrates audio-video systems, devices and data in advanced Digital Environments, designed and built for an optimal user experience.

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