Interactive Tables, kiosks and Touchviewer software at the Tourin University

LIFE, the new multimedia space at the Tourin University

On September 16th 2021, LIFE, the new Innovation Lab, was inaugurated in the spaces of the Library of the Philosophy and Educational Sciences Department of the University of Turin. The laboratory is equipped with technological stations where digital instrumentation accompanies the classic repertoire of the paper books and brings into play a semi-immersive virtual reality.

"The general sense of this installation is to experiment with human behaviour, attentional phenomena, concentration and reactions when faced with extreme realities or situations that we would never find in our everyday lives but which we could only access through augmented reality. Moreover, this also allows us to study the reactions of students when faced with innovative teaching formulas that no department of the humanities in Italy has had the opportunity to do so far."

Gianluca Cuozzo, Director of Philosophy and Educational Sciences Department

Among the devices installed at the University of Turin: Interactive Tables, KIOSK and Touchviewer software

The interactive table has a Multi-Touch surface of up to 65 inches, that allows simultaneous interaction of several people, making it the ideal choice for training sessions and collaborative work. The full-glass, ultra-smooth surface provides the maximum working area, stimulating collaboration and participation. The integrated Multi-Touch technology ensures extremely fast response times, even with numerous simultaneous interactions. The table is also equipped with automatic temperature control and self-diagnostic functionality systems to ensure optimal operation and energy consumption. The interaction with the table also gives the possibility of distributing different content on each digital device and turning it into a powerful tool for sharing and interacting.

Kiosk is an effective Digital Signage tool for providing content and services in Multi-Touch mode.

It is equipped with automatic operating temperature control and self-diagnostic systems that ensure optimal functioning and lower energy consumption.

The graphical user interface used for the University of Turin actively involves the students by showing them the key points for moving around the building and finding the necessary information.

As a background, we proposed a blackboard with a blank map of the university, recalling the traces that chalk left on this surface.

The navigation interface is divided into sections that allow access to the different contents in the kiosk.

Several interactive points have been included within the map, giving the possibility to explore different areas of the building and consequently allowing immediate orientation.

Three buttons have been inserted in the lower part:
The 'LIBRARY CATALOGUE' section gives the possibility to browse images or pdf files concerning the library.
The "INTERNAL WEBSITE" section opens the web browser of the indicated site. 

The 'INSTITUTIONAL WEBSITES' section of the university functions in the same way. 

Touchviewer is a Multi-Touch software that creates new experiences through user interaction with device content: presentations, videos, PDF documents, text files, images, etc., can be viewed, explored, shared, and compared with a simple gesture, even by multiple users at the same time, independently.

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