Ravenna’s Dante Museum becomes a place of time into time, where the modern interactive and multimedia aspects combine with prestigious historical artefacts of inestimable value.

Ravenna’s Dante Museum becomes a place of time into time, where the visitors can do nothing but get involved and let themselves be captured by the atmosphere.

The new Dante Museum is both a physical and imaginative itinerary, conceived for offering to its visitors an emotional and educational experience, thanks to an innovative project, where the modern interactive and multimedia aspects combine with prestigious historical artefacts of inestimable value.

"pigliare occhi, per aver la mente." (catch the eyes for getting the mind)

The new Dante Museum in Ravena fully represents the meaning of the Great Poet’s verse: “Pigliare occhi, per aver la mente” - catch the eyes for getting the mind.

Dante perfectly knew the POWER of images.

In 27th canto of Paradiso canticle Dante explains this concept with vivid and strong words: catch the eyes for getting the mind. Art can “catch the eyes”, namely draw the attention of the audience starting from the view, “for getting the mind” and guide them into an inner journey. In the Middle Ages the great communicative power of images was at the service of those who were not able to read and Dante used images with the same approach.

The past lives again thanks to technology

The communicative language of new Museo Dante could only be inspired by Dante: narrating and enhancing Great Poet’s masterpiece through an experiential itinerary made of images, music, visual effects and stunning interactive content appeared to us as the best way for involving and surprising the eyes and the mind of the visitors that, room after room, can follow Dante in an unforgettable journey.

Representing the past in a futuristic way may seem an oxymoron (a figure of speech very precious to Dante) but the use of image’s evocative power, strengthened by cutting-edge technologies, has enabled us to create an engaging, hypnotic, contemporary and educational setup which drives the visitors of all ages through a journey that arrives straight to Divina Commedia and Dante’s essence.

Designer, artists and technicians behind the scenes of Ravenna's Dante Museum

The project has spread through several operations which have been realized with the utmost respect for the preexisting structure and has required a close and constant collaboration with all the involved professionals. This has been the key to achieve a great final result.

The whole Touchwindow team wants to deeply thank all the companies that have cooperated during the project and the executive phase, especially:

· Studio ON Achitects – Rome for the museographic project, implants’ project and setup, construction management, security and fire prevention.

· Contemporanea Cantieri for the furniture and its setup.

· Sinerte for the executive planning.

· Giustina De Toni for the realization of the sculptures exposed in “faces’ room”. (These sculptures have been totally handmade by the artist).




By cooperating with all the professional figures and by mutually sharing the experience and the technical knowledge we have defined the aesthetic guidelines as well as managed the corporate image. We have also redesigned the logo of the museum and valorized its spaces thanks to the use of technology and we have minimized the impact of each operation, so that the original beauty of every single room has been preserved.

Technological partners

Holographic Projections

Interactive projections

Interactive multitouch software

Audio systems

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