BRN Village

BRN Village



A digital soul since the beginning

The BRN Village is the first village dedicated to the world of cycling in Italy. It is built in Forlimpopoli (FC), on a large area of 70,000 m2 undergoing extensive redevelopment. The Village promotes a healthy lifestyle, spreads the passion for cycling, and houses the BRN Bike Parts operational headquarters. In this scenario, the Touchwindow team has been involved from the very first stages of the project, to enhance an already extremely innovative idea, through the digitalization of the areas most focused on receptivity, conference, and teaching room.


The connection between wellness and technology

The collaboration between Touchwindow and BRN Bike Parts represents the union of sports, leisure, nature, and technological innovation as the values behind the founders' goal: to combine economy, entertainment, sports, and wellness in one place.


Audio-video engagement

Our team designed the entire audio-visual system which runs inside the BRN Bike Parts headquarters and the village's Bio Café&Restaurant, as well as outside the entire park via a piped system. In this way, we optimized the experience of visitors throughout their stay in different environments.

The BRN Village digitalization project has engaged the BRN Bike Parts production facility since its entrance. Three 86-inch displays aimed at forming a "decomposed" 3x1 Video Wall were installed in the lobby. While the monitors were strategically placed far apart, the displayed content is coordinated and synchronized in space and time. This solution creates a high-impact, immersive multi-head display.

The conference room also saw the intervention of our team, which provided an audio-video system complete with a retractable roll-up video projection solution, capable of ensuring crisp playback for the more than 300 participants, number of people the room can hold.

Finally, moving inside the Bio Café&Restaurant, we designed a specific corner dedicated to road safety education experiences for local schools. Here, the video projection system alternates with large-format displays accompanied by a specially chosen audio diffusion and amplification system for excellent sound quality.


Thematic content for multi-monitor visualization 

The multimedia technology setup project at BRN Village had our content creators create a thematic video scheduled to be placed in the installed display systems to ensure a smooth and harmonious display.


The project comes to life

The inauguration of the BRN Village was held on June 3, 2023, a landmark event that attracted the attention of local and regional institutions. The presence of high-level representatives testifies to the recognition of such an innovative and unique idea.

The Touchwindow team is delighted to have had the opportunity to actively participate in this initiative. Working on such a new and exciting project allowed us to bring our expertise to support and help transform BRN Village into a place where technology blends harmoniously with a passion for cycling and a healthy lifestyle.

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