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Client Brief

Introducing companies, institutions and schools to new technologies

Schneider Electric, a global player in medium and low voltage power distribution, protection of power supply, and automation systems, is one of the main supporters of Digital Transformation. The company actively collaborates, through its open platform, with a large community of partners, system integrators and developers, with the aim of offering companies greater process control capabilities in real time and a higher operational efficiency.

Schneider Electric called on us for the creation of the Digital Environment for the Innovation Hubs in their Stezzano and Bologna offices. Our focus on innovation is perfectly in tune with the concept of an Innovation Hub, a laboratory for discovery, training and innovation, and an open window on Digital Transformation for businesses, institutions and education. In short, it is a real incubator of tools in order to compete, evolve and become more efficient.


Accelerators of digitization

The project concept was defined together with the Schneider team: renewing the Innovation Hub in Stezzano and creating one for the new headquarters in Casalecchio di Reno, in Bologna. We were dealing with two large buildings, both around 250 square meters, in which visitors are actively involved in the discovery of the latest generation in technology, especially EcoStruxure, the open platform based on the Internet of Things that Schneider Electric created to accelerate digitization in industry, energy, buildings and infrastructure, from data centers to transport and to utilities.

We have therefore brought our experience and system integration specialization to study new learning and simulation experiences that take advantage of digital engagement. The goal was to create a stimulating environment that would give us the opportunity to experience the potential of the digital world, gaining new skills and information.

Design and production

Innovation becomes experience

We designed and implemented different types of experiences within the Schneider Innovation Hubs with the aim of offering a wide array of what is interesting today in digital innovation.

For augmented reality we created spaces that allow you to interact with the machines, changing the way people work on all kinds of systems. These new man-machine interactivity environments were also designed to offer effective training for employees.

Then we tackled the demo areas, where people could see concrete demonstrations on the control and management of energy that is made possible by the digital innovation. Here too the space was designed for maximum workstation interactivity, making it possible to use it for education as well.

We were also asked to show how the different software works. These include energy consumption control, system verification, technical verification and operation. We also wanted to concentrate on environmental sustainability. We therefore devised a digital control room in which to simulate the main functions of analysis and control of processes. In this way we made it possible to observe predictive maintenance functions, process optimization and energy savings.

Finally, we created and designed the stations dedicated to the EcoStruxure platform. They needed to show the ability to improve connectivity, efficiency and safety in the field of Digital Transformation for the industry.

The various solutions we installed in the Innovation Hubs of Stezzano and Bologna, were put in place so that they could dialogue with the other devices and systems on site. After the testing phase, everything was ready for the inauguration.


On the road to the future

The Innovation Hub of Stezzano was inaugurated on October 8, 2018 in conjunction with the Bergamo Science Festival, a three-day meet-up for high school students. The boys and girls spent the morning involved in the discovery of new scenarios that are transforming the world of work.

In Casalecchio di Reno, the Innovation Hub opened its doors on October 12, in the presence of the President of Schneider Electric SpA Aldo Colombi and the Vice President of the Industry division of Schneider Electric in Italy, Massimo Merli. The President’s words effectively express the general framework whereas we as promoters of innovation have been operating every day for over two decades: "For a few years now, the industrial world has been going through a transformation at ever-increasing speeds. It is linked to digitization. Building machines and plants, improving operational and business models, and competing on the global stage today requires the ability to understand and integrate digital technologies and to use them in order to be innovative. "

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