Curved ledwall installed in just 5 days

How to design a showroom with LED technology

Even for a company like Touchwindow, with more than 25 years of experience, there can always be a first time: we have already tried our hand at installing large curved LED walls in auditoriums and exhibition halls, but the latest project we worked on, with Prase as a valuable supplier, allowed us to raise our standards in terms of competence and productivity.

Only 4 hours to present two different proposals for a fully customised LED wall solution to be installed in the showroom of a major accessories brand, and 5 days to source the devices and build a customised structure, organise the team of specialised technicians and carry out the installation at the showroom.

A challenge within a challenge, in which the most arduous and, at the same time, most stimulating aspect for our Solution Architects, was undoubtedly the design of the self-supporting structure of the Ledwall, which had to adapt perfectly to the available spaces and be completely modular, so that the curvature radius of the Solution could be managed directly during assembly phase, as it could not be predicted at the design stage.
Due to the prestigious context in which the Ledwall was to be installed, the structure could not be anchored to the floor. For this reason, our technicians designed a self-supporting structure consisting of six vertical supports positioned on the floor thanks to adjustable feet and supported at the front by an anti-tip weight.

Prase turned out to be an indispensable partner for the success of the project, assisting us in the materials research phase and supplying us very quickly with 12 panels from the Absen K plus series, model K 2.5, which were tilted by 3° against one another to give the Ledwall the desired curved effect.

"In this type of installation, precision is the most important factor. Thanks to the height adjustment system of the magnets and the special die-cast mechanics of the components, all modules were made to perfectly fit together, making the Ledwall surface uniform and continuous, like a single screen. The impression of the customer entering the showroom is that of being projected into the space he is visiting, involved in a sensorial and emotional experience that immediately links him to the brand."
Valerio Piccinin, Prase reference for the LED division.


The Curved Ledwall that we have designed and installed allows the visualization of defined UHD images with brilliant and calibrated colors, becoming the showroom's flagship element and an attractive communication channel with visitors, while enhancing the brand-identity.

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