Planning a space mission using a touch wall

A Touch Wall as an operations center. Collaborate, share, communicate.

After a careful analysis of the room and the devices already present, we proposed the installation of a 3x2 size Touch Wall as the nerve center of the workflow, in which to bring together information and content. 

We have designed a large interactive wall made up of six 55 '' multi-touch displays arranged in two rows of 3 displays each, which can be used not only as a platform for sharing content (of any format and coming from any source); but also as a videoconference hub for remote meetings. 

Touchviewer, our real-time collaboration software, is installed in the Touch Wall, in order to make the work area multifunctional and multi-user. 

We have further enhanced the room's technological system with BYOD wireless technology that allows users to wirelessly present and share the information on their devices (portable PC, smart phones or tablets) on the Touch Wall, without the need to download any application.

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