Touch FoilThin interactive foils to turn any glass surface into a powerful touchscreen.

Fast, Flexible, Adaptable

Touch Foils are composed by thin acrylic and adhesive sheets. This technology is used to get touch-sensitive glass surfaces, interactive display and can be used in any non-metallic surface. The Touch Foil are the best way to built interactive displays, kiosks and interactive tables, multimedia kiosks or touch LCD or LED display.


An information point always available

Strolling thinking next purchase, or even when the shops are closed, the interactive window are recall systems, a means of stopping people in front of your store. The graphics, animations and video capture attention with messages and announcements. Users will be able to see the latest collection of fashion, check out offers and flights for their next trip, look for an apartment to rent, learn more about upcoming events in the City but also search for Points of Interest and monuments and find the shortest way to get there.


Through Glass Through Window


Interactive Touch Foil technology is designed to work even through laminated glasses. Touch Foils are applied on the internal side of the store window and, using a projector, the result is an interactive rear projection window for you customer, to view and browse of information. With a touch foil, it's also possible to turn a static windows display into an interactive point of information. The perfect solution to create custom and interactive kiosks and totems in Interactive Digital Signage networks (indoor or outdoor).

Water resistant and 100% safe


The Interactive Foil is easy to be applied on glass or screens. The film is is placed on the internal glass side, while users touch the external side. This means that the touch sensor is fully protected and installations are therefore completely safe for users. Touch Foil are an ideal solution for complex installations, as in public and outdoor areas, because it's completely safe and vandal-proof. The glass used can be safety glass and shatterproof. In bars and restaurants, as the technology is protected by glass, is perfectly safe and protected against accidental falling of liquids.

Wide range of sizes and customizations


Interactive films are available in standard sizes from 30 " to 100", in 4:3 or 16:9 version. You can also request custom sizes foils to create unique interactive installations based on your needs. The repositionable adhesive technology also allows you to remove and install the foil again in a new window.

Great with any brightness


Since, they are not affected by light, Touch Foil can be installed even where sun or artificial lights are very bright. Touch devices using this particular technology can be placed outdoors, under direct sunlight or in extreme light conditions.

It works through non-conductive materials


Touch Foil capacitive technology works with non-conductive materials. The typical installation is on store windows to create interactive Through Glass systems. Fingers touch from outside the window is detected on the internal side of the glass, allowing users to interact with contents without damaging the foil. Interactive films can still be applied on any surface such as wood, or special materials such as Corian. Since this technology is flexible, they can also be applied to curved surfaces.

Touch Technology


Touch Foil capacitive technology can be programmed to work with different glass thicknesses up to a maximum of 24 mm.
It's a very flexible product, able to adapt in any installation. The fast touch response (18-50 msec) and high accuracy (1-2 mm for smaller sizes and 8-10 mm for large sizes) makes it the perfect solution even for the most complex projects.
Touch Foil are available in version 2, 20 or 100 simultaneous touch points).
The Touch Foil are also available with UV-protection to ensure long lasting performance in outdoor installations and preserve the interactive kiosks and totem operation.

Multi-Touch Software: Simply Revolutionary

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