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The Touchwindow ® Interactive Table with the Sfoglia Libro Software allows visitors to read and browse the "Vita brevis ars longa" document. The study of the human body, disease and cure is explained through the exposition of valuable manuscripts and rare books stored in the Classense Library.

Browsing the pages that appear on the Table Touch Screen just as a regular book, users can review and get further information and details of illustrations and thumbnails.

In 1803 the ancient and prestigious Library of the Camaldolesi Monks, built from XVII and XVIII Century inside the Abbey of Classe, then renamed Biblioteca Civica di Ravenna.

In the monumental rooms of the Classense Library are also stored collections of books of the most important convent and abbey complexes in the city.

Today, also thanks to the constant propensity of acquiring new books and documents, the Classense is an historical library of general knowledge, enriched by an ancient, modern and contemporary heritage of books, among the most important in Italy.

The architectural restoration is almost concluded, and is aimed to recover all the areas of the ancient abbey complex, for an area of 28.000 mq (about 300.000 sq ft).

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