A world of players

Digital gaming is everywhere, from home consoles to smartphones and tablets. What is the potential for your business?

Digito ergo sum

Today it is easy to see how widespread digital interaction is at all levels, regardless of gender, age or social status. A large part of this interactivity is linked to gaming, which involves the new generations of consumers in particular, those who were born with easy access to the Internet and digital devices. They are one of the most attractive targets, given that by 2020 they will represent 40% of all consumers.

The game satisfies leisure and entertainment needs by offering immediate rewards (scores, bonuses), continuous challenges that stimulate the development of skills, and an increasing level of engagement. This is precisely why gaming dynamics are increasingly entering corporate strategies, in a process of progressive gamification. It is estimated that two-thirds of Italian companies are investing in this sector, while globally it is expected that gaming will exceed 10 billion dollars in turnover by 2020.

Relax, it's only a game

Playing reduces stress, and one of the most stressful situations is waiting: for example, waiting for your turn in a dental practice, or being served at a restaurant or even for your flight to be announced. So this is where digital gaming can lighten the time spent in airports, stations, hotels, medical centers, exhibition areas, restaurants, shops and shopping centers.

Better together

According to recent research, the gaming experience is most welcome in a social dimension: 70% of young people and kids prefer to spend time together, in physical and non-virtual places. Even more so, it is advisable to equip spaces that allow this type of experience in intensely frequented places, thus attracting new customers.

Gaming is on the table

This is why interactive tables are spreading like wildfire - they offer the possibility of increasing the number of players and supporting team challenges. They offer the benefits of an integrated easy-to-place system, like a piece of furniture able to fit into any architectural setting.

Multi-Touch interactivity is in continuity with that of smartphones and tablets, it stimulates involvement: there is no need to "understand how to play", everything is easy and immediate, even the littlest ones will have fun.

To each his own game

It is precisely the choice of games that is the decisive factor, which means it's necessary to calibrate the offer based on the preferences of young people and children. Alongside timeless classics revisited in a digital key, such as puzzles and memory games, you can also put on sporting challenges or more relaxing creative hobbies. You can also expand the online gaming experience by proposing interactions with social networks. In practice, any situation can be transformed into an exciting collective experience which polarizes the attention of the public and releases tension.

A powerful branding tool

The gaming experience is definitely a pleasant and relaxing one break up the day. By placing the interactive table in a special area and customizing the games with images, graphics and colors of a specific brand, both its popularity and recognition are multiplied.

Effectiveness can be multiplied by customizing the dynamics and the gaming experience, in turn developing dedicated communication projects that exploit the full potential of digital gaming. This type of experience is ultimately a powerful marketing lever to achieve closer contact with your users and consumers.

In conclusion

Creating points of aggregation and leisure through play, in any collective context, means investing in a rapidly expanding sector that is strategic for marketing and communication objectives. It allows you to successfully engage with new generations, entertaining and retaining them.

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